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One morning the Sultan of Shafood al-Marid was pacing along the marbled pathways of his pleasure garden. He admired it and said it only needed some warblers who accompanied him on either side. ‘I wish those birds were singing,’O sultan your majesty needs nothing more!’ Suddenly he corrected himself to say they could fan his cheeks cool while they serenaded him.
Unfortunately he heard some confusion at the pavilion of Cypress Grove. There was the head gardener coming to him in a tearing hurry. The sultan scowled and his face went pale to see another figure quickly vanishing from the pavilion.
The gardener tore his blouse and fell at his feet. He cried,’O master, I did not disobey your decree. I told the stranger on pain of death to remove himself. But he laughed at your decree.’
‘Didn’t that dog speak?’
‘O exalted majesty he gave me such a look!’
The gardner was frothing at the mouth and his bosom heaved under great emotion. He said,’ Yes master, he looked as only Death could give. O master I am undone!’
The sultan felt a shudder looking into the whites of the menial’s eye and he clutched his embroidered tunic and the strings of pearls broke and scudded all across the floor.
He fell as silently as dead.
Those who bore his body to the Royal Cemetery observed his eyes gave such a horrible stare, past caring for those mourners who wailed and beat their chests; nor did he hear those who keened like banshees each for the price of hire.

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