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Here we are concerned about two aspects of the fall of man.

Glory of God gave, as we have already discussed in the study of Genesis, a shape. The earth was without form but in the creation account of God, this glory gave the earth its form. Consider the  creatures which God brought to Adam and he gave them names. Does it not indicate God considered him as the Alpha male and it was not merely a coincidence. God considered Adam as his steward to minister to the well being of creatures of the air, beasts of burden etc., Here we see him as a forerunner of Jesus who in the fulness of time came as Servant-King. Here we have two aspects of man one as a carnal being and the other as a spiritual emblem of heavenly realities. In order to distinguish between the two we have ‘inner man’ as a distinct reality which no man can escape from. Death similarly is what no man can escape unless one is born again.

Secondly we see  the heavenly realities belong to an overcomer. For this reason Adam was cast out from the Garden so he might not reach out and eat of the fruit of the tree of life. He was ‘dead’ in his inner man.

Now on to our key verse:

“And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil….So the LORD God banished him from the Garden of Eden to work the ground from which he had been taken (Ge.3:22-23-NIV).”

God breathed into the nostrils of Adam and made him a living soul. When Adam disobeyed God death occurred which God had warned him about (Ge. 3:3). So death must have occurred and the Spirit hints about the kind of death that took place. The cherubim with flaming swords forbade Adam (vs.24)., which is an emblem of his inability. He could no longer enjoy his former state of being within the divine Will. He had forfeited his gift and it was his own doing. ‘For the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance( Ro.11:29). In the NIV they are irrevocable.

Adam because of the gift from God is deemed the son of God (Lk.3:38). It is on this basis the Holy Spirit builds him as an antitype whereas Jesus Christ is the Type. He is the son over his own house (He.3:6). Having said we can understand why the Lord God says, “Behold the man is become as one of us.”

Inner man

Jesus said, ‘It is the spirit that gives life and flesh profits nothing…(Jn.6:63),’When we consider the born again experience we owe to the Word made flesh so in accepting Jesus by faith we find way back to God. Where Adam lost our new birth allows us to know good and evil according to the Core Will. As an earnest of our inheritance the indwelling Spirit works with our inner man. “That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;…Ep.3:16-20; (2 Co.4:16) Earlier we were led by the spirit of man whereby we served our appetites in our flesh and allowed ourselves to be carried about by custom and traditions of the world. White evangelicalism for this reason is carnal and contrary to the divine Will. Our inner man does not depend on sensory inputs but is guided by spirit of truth. To distinguish the spirit of the world and our spiritual experience within, we may characterize our inner man being driven by a dominant force.

Alpha force is the dominant force, ‘the power that worketh in us’ whereby the indwelling Spirit can build us to the fulness of God. Alpha force is not a scriptural term but we use it with caution. Eye of the inner man is single and the light with which it is led by light of the knowledge of the word creates love of Christ as honey in a hive. So much so the born again experience produces fruits of the Spirit.

How does the inner man differs from carnal man?

The Spirit has given us a clear indication from the story of Hannah in the first book of Samuel. “Now Hannah, she spake in her heart: only her lips moved..(1 S.1:13-16).”

Firstly let us recalls the words of Jesus with regards to prayer. The prayer of a heathen has its characteristic. ‘Use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do.’ “For your Father knoweth what things you have need of, before you ask him (Mt.6:7-8).  Inner man makes a case for a child of God and the world shall never fully fathom its outcome until God brings to light. Hannah was thrown in deepest pit of anguish. Her adversary still tormented since she had no insight what her taunts were creating in her rival. But God heard her since the groaning and supplications of her inner man was neither within the control of her adversary or in her direct control. We do not know how we should pray at times since we are very much drawn into agony of the spirit to pray with wisdom. “I am a woman of sorrowful spirit”.  Peace of God, as we read ‘passeth all understanding,’ This is what God has assured his children and it is not what anyone who grandstand before the world can command at will. So those who misuse the word of God for their own glory whether it be prosperity theology or of Belial have got their reward and for us it shall be the peace not as the world gives but what we can appreciate in eternity..



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Angel Abdiel conducted the seraph to the Gates of Paradise and knocked. Gabriel who manned the Gates wanted to know why the seraph from Pandemonium was there. Abdiel said,’ He is from Pandemonium but he has had a change of heart.’
Abdiel was sure that a look at God, the father would convince him the error of his ways. Gabriel let him in.
Abdiel flew in followed close at heels by the seraph. They went round and round and in the end the seraph asked: ‘Where is God whose image we worship in Pandemonium?’
Abdiel said,’ Why his image?’
‘Man is made in his image. So is written. So he must have an image.’ The Angel replied, ‘You must be really fom Pandemonium. So many sects each interpreting the Word after his fashion can be dizzying. I can understand that.’ But Abdiel was sure that he got it all wrong.
He explained man was created in the nature of God. The seraph shook his head violently as though it were a preposterous suggestion. Abdiel tried another tack. ‘The will of man,- from where did he get that?’
‘You mean man was created in the image of divine Will?
‘Of course.’
But then man was expelled from God?’
‘Why not?’ Abdiel asked,’ Adam thought his will was greater than that of God?
The seraph fell silent. Then it dawned on him and he asked, ‘So Paradise is only for those who remain within his Will?
In the end seraph asked timidly,’ Can I remain then here?’
Abdiel turned to him and fixed his eyes on him. He said,’You really mean it?’
At that there was a whirlwind and it became a light breeze. Abdiel whispered ,’There is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the worlds,- with the book of Life.’ The seraph didn’t know what was going on. He saw nothing.Neither the lamb or Son of man but the luminous outline of a scroll in which he saw his own name. His own name!
‘I see my own name!’ He asked in a bustle, ‘when was this written?’
Abdiel said casually,’Before the worlds began. It was in the will of God, you know.’
Seraph felt a thrill:’So my coming here was determined even before we set out?’
‘Sure.’ Abdiel said,’You coming to see him was,- what shall I say, placing your will subordinate to his.’
‘So the divine Will would have no one perish?’
Angel Abdiel didn’t answer, There was plenty of time for seraph to understand mysteries of divine Will.
Tailpiece: For God Time and Space signifies not in the sense these concepts mean to us. If he were subject to these he would not be Immortal or Omnipresent. Wisdom and Power is the essence of his Will. He willed it and heavens and the earth came into being. Man calls it the Big Bang, Evolution and so on.
‘ ‘

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“the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”(Rev 13.8KJV)

Here we read God s  Will which was from the foundation of the world.  Also revealing that it is in context of names found in the book of life. As I mentioned in my post In My Sunday Best-3 Triune God puts His Will into operation. Imagination of God expresses  the Will concerning God the Son in the book of  Genesis. Thus God clothing Adam and Eve with the skins must be seen as unfolding of His Will in stages. Holy Spirit as the author of the Book of Life gathers material from the manner living beings, angels perform and it is put into a certain form.  The Bible is such a composition where the Three aspects of Godhead expresses.  So if only creation of Adam and Eve is described in the book it would not mean there were no nations on the earth.

There is another point as to the sin that Adam committed. Sin of disobedience. Did God know it beforehand? St.Paul says in one of his episles where there is no law there is no sin. Therefore in the imagination of God there was no sin  implied or attributed. Only when Adam broke a direct commandment the fall of man occurred. The Clean Slate principle prevents  man’s actions as controlling His Wisdom or Power. In other words the Absolute Value of Truth is unaffected. 

Notwithstanding what I have set down here is according to human understanding. It necessarily is not the final word. We  need to make our assumptions and draw conclusions with a caveat ‘we could be wrong .”



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