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In Constellation 579 I am Master Dog of the Welcoming Committee. We Hatsheputians are a breed apart and we dogs welcome dogs of this cosmos and every little bark our antennas can catch, warms cockles of our hearts. I hope I got this expression correct and I heard it from Fido who came I believe from the Blue planet. Well Hatsheput is a Bone City if a city for dogs who speak nothing but of resting their weary bones, and talk of bones that one had in the past can be called one. Some dogs talk of Carpe Diem and making go what ever they have on hand. Here in Hatsheput we have a proverb, ‘If you want tomorrow be good, begin with the marrow now’. If not sucking marrow we speak of our bones that makes our geneology very exciting.
Well the day we had Fido as our guest we set him up on the centre of our banquet table. We Hatsheputian dogs make much of our canine guests and we also keep tomes after tomes on the illustrious hounds we have come to know.
Fido was a multilingual dog and he said he carried some 700 and odd strains of dogs which is pretty high- and we rate him in the superstar category. He was all for smelling us out and he said, it was his way checking which way the wind blowed and how we laughed and indulged him making him giddy even before the dinner was over. After the plates were cleared the President ordered the family tree to be fetched and as we traced our geneology Fido got up with a start. ‘Tree did you say?’ I smoothly told him, ‘yes,’ Pointing to our President I whispered, there you see the start of our family tree.’
In one bound Fid went up to the President and peed as though it was a done thing. Horror of horrors! The President could not believe and asked,’Fido was it necessary?’
Fido, ‘Yeah whenever I hear tree spoken it is my cue to do my thing. My Master Pavolov would not expect any less.’
Well Fido stayed us for the shortest duration, and whenever we speak of our Family tree ever since we look at each other carefully as though we are about to be surprised.


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