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King Shahryar heard the story of the Bull and the Ass and winced. He said, ‘The trouble with your story is too close to the bones.I have had donkeys for my treasurers and bull headed viziers and understanding their palaver is too commonplace.’
The girl trembled and bowed herself to the ground and said,’ I know you will chop my head before the break of dawn. Give me another chance.’
Duniazad the younger sister pleaded,’ Oh great king, my sister shall tell the story of the merchant prince who went on a journey and met three sheiks.’
Ah at last a story!’ He assured Shaherazad who was trembling all the while to sit back and take a deep breath. She did and color came back to her cheeks. The king asked eagerly,’I wish to hear a story of ordinary people and their ordinary lives. Nothing but the truth. Promise?’
She nodded, and said, ‘I shall tell the story of a merchant who loved to eat dates and jerk the date stones carelessly about him’.
Eagerly the great monarch sat up arranged his cushions about him and settled to hear the tale of the Merchant Prince and the Three Shaikhs.’ (to be continued)

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