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820 AD-In a remote island below Byrum land of the Trolls
-Pokowaris brutes in mind and body
Warthog the tiller of land. In a patch of land his hut fenced in by wattles is occupied by his wife. She is busy making ropes from flax.
The troll is distracted by a raven never seen in that part of the world.
Warthog stops and thinks, “ This is a good omen!”
His smile is suddenly stopped by a murder of ravens en masse following the leader. He runs to tell his wife.
The woman comes out while the ravens fly past leaving only the leader.

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Null said,:”Time?”
Knull was not to be drawn in. He said, “ How much space shall your wings cover?”
“A day’s flight.”
Knull said after a long silence. “ My flight for the same duration is a cosmic year.”
“Why such difference?”
Knull chortled, “ I make things happen so much so events like a ripple touch end to end.”
Meanwhile the Caribou lowed and Knull said, “ There the beast has got free from the tree.”
Null said cryptically: “ So it is destined. Slain before the foundation of time.”
Knull “ I know the Thought, and you said it loud and clear.”
The ravens said with one voice, “Away! Begone!” The doe dropped off.

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With the ravens bustling about made the tree put out leaves green and tender, and it threw a mantle over the gnarled boughs that had the appearance of so many pikes shot out of its trunk. Null said, “ The Being said: “Space. What have you to say?”
In reply Knull rose upto the crown and spread his wings and Null also followed.
The two ravens said in unison: “Here we shall set boundary for the Cosmos.” They spread their wings apart touching each other only at the wing tips. Tightly locked they whirled around and around while the streams of stars and their moons were pulled into the force created by them.
It was terrible to see the Colossal tree all lit up and the leaves glowed, giving the spectral birds an indescribable aura.

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The first raven is impressed. “Who are you?” “Nothing Really. Null” The other raven said, “Truly said. What is thought in itself? Nothing.”
After a pause the raven said, “ I am what makes the Being work. I stir things up.”

“Where do you think the Beast shall go unless I give her direction and the means? “ The raven adds
“I am much more than Thought. I am Knull”
“Here is what we shall do. We both are a team.”
The ravens agreed to make certain changes about them.

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