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When Mr.Rat advised his government he was heard. He knew the case of Greece, Iceland and several others; He saved the nations from their fate. As Chairman of the Federal Bank he raised interest rates or lowered it and he said his wise moves made the tax payer secure. 'Oh ordinary people thanks to him could sleep like a log.' No wonder Mr. Rat was promoted to the level no president or Minister-President had ever reached.
One morning came Mr.Frog the financial wizard and said,'There is so much Pension Funds tied up and it could be put to work.' Mr.Rat thought that was wonderful. Mr. Frog showed his expertise in squeezing the last drop of wealth lying around untouched.' He hopped from one idea to another. These citizens fanning out every morning using public transport on bicycles generate so much motion 'and we could convert it into energy. We can save on energy bills'. Another idea was to slap VAT on every tall tale around the pubs to reduce the air of impossibility to bare minimum. Mr. Frog made the eye of Herr direktor pop. 'I have half a mind to tax beer consumers for the foam!'Mr. Rat said with a wink in his eye. Next moment he said with a laugh,'I was joking. Let us leave some simple pleasures to our citizens'. At the end of the series of confabulations they agreed to work together as a team.
Mr. Frog as I said earlier flitted from one cheese paring policy to another till the great Recession came like a deluge. Mr. Rat went under since his fiscal responsibility to the nation made him highly detested. His so called 'wonderful' budget reform was sum total of Mr. Frog's many brain waves. It had made the man on the street seethe with frustration- and when the wave broke Mr. Rat was dead as a door nail.

Mr. Frog would have liked to move on since he owed the tax payer no responsibility. He didn’t waste any tears over the downfall of Mr.Rat. He saw himself more or less a roving fiscal advisor. To him the people were 'muppets' and he a financial miracle- worker. 'Perhaps China could do with my services.' he mused. Only when he tried he realized his connection with Mr.Rat was a liability and none wanted to hear him. Poor Frog, how long one can go on irresponsibly through the wreckage of his own making and not get hurt?


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