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One evening Mulla Nasruddin was walking alone and he was hailed by a beggar who said, ‘You walk as though you want some one to talk to.’


Mulla was distracted and took time to respond. The beggar somewhat irritated said, ‘You ought not give yourself high airs. If you look down you might also find people worth talking to.’


‘You spoke truly, friend.’ Mulla said, ‘but from experience I know it would need a little hand out also to make my words heard.’




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My book The Mulla Nasruddin Stories is published through Lulu.com. The pocketbook has plenty of illustrations and has 158 pages. There are 160 plus stories. Here is a write-up about my central character:
Mulla Nasruddin is a common folk hero in the Near East, Middle East and Turkey. He is a Seljuk satirical Sufi figure, sometimes believed to have lived around 13th century. His inspired tomfoolery is tempered with wisdom and in the present work his anecdotes serve the same purpose as the fables of the Greek slave. The Greek storyteller adopted fables as a mode to teach lessons in prudence and moral values. Mulla Nasruddin served his life, as a living proof that a life stripped of superfluities can be both inspiring and lively.
This book is meant as a companion piece to the Life of Aesop written by the same author.
This book is priced at 9.50 Euros
You may check it out at http://www.lulu.com/content/12216087
Happy Reading folks,

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