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In Imitation of Dante’s Divine Comedy

Much was my confusion simulated
By dream within the life and yet the three
Stood a solemn wake about by the bedstead. 48

‘Why three’, I spoke, ‘and perhaps my soul free
Ranging in his sphere did send you hither
Or unbidden, least on truth shall we agree? 51

Choose what theme, although I may yet gather
from discourse what dreams do speak are fleeting
Its substance being laid neither here nor there’. 54

‘Why three?’, Why not five or one for asking
If you concede soul its circumference
Why settle for form and not unbound nothing? 57

In Conception what form you place summons
shades o’ meaning to which soul is but token,
As windswept clouds can toss pell mell a sense- 60

From shapes the eye will find names well spoken
But the wind casts it spell,- and what you read
Yet will vary, but fall within your ken. 63

The Sibyl spoke truly and she my rede
forestalled with words, ‘Look in your mirror
If we be the three Graces,- you concede 66

So much for the soul, it tells no error-
In the glass what form you would take
Paris must fit and here is our answer: 69

Art must but choose chaos so I would make
Names Raphael Michelangelo but
Two digits o’ selfsame Hand from it rake: 72

And so are we One in three forms strut
Imagination without Hand a lie
And without Art, we,- No more than a slut 75.

(To be continued)



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Let me recall the analogy of three equilateral triangles used in a previous post. Synergy of wisdom and power animates life forms according to laws of Nature. When we discuss Oneness within this Pagoda it is synergy meant here. Synergy or Cosmic Mind can define forms as well as give the relationships between species and space, a certain unity.
There is no such thing as mind as brain as a part of physical body. Cosmic Mind has no need of form but can add to physical form a certain consciousness. One will notice within the Golden Pagoda, form and function are all endowed with a certain similarity that cannot be merely an accident.
Let me give an an example of our Milky Way. A nebulous gaseous cloud tends to form a spiral shape with arms. A double spiral in a DNA defines order: material nature expressed by a form as distinct from another.
When cream is poured into a stirred cup of coffee shows up a striking resemblance to galaxies with outer parts of arms trailing around its centre. Is it merely a coincidence or does it speak of an order?
Spiral is a common shape in nature. It occurs in a pine- cone, sunflower and in shells of marine organisms. For example: nautilus. Totally different spirals can be modeled mathematically: one feature whether enlarged or smaller doesn’t change the basic character of a spiral.
Coiled continually like a watch spring, a spring is as much a spiral as the threads of a screw that is a helix. In a helix there is a relationship between radius and pitch: you may shorten the pitch but radius is fixed. In a two-dimensional spiral distance between spirals is the same.
In a material universe material nature expresses Oneness in the way a form defines relationships. A spiral demonstrates it; so shall two hydrogen molecules with one molecule of oxygen. In such a relation the form collapses. Instead water is formed.
Cosmic Mind is to be understood as the all pervasive interplay of wisdom and power at any plane within this Pagoda.
In the system of three equilateral triangles one may consider creating frustums* anywhere, which would be dimensions that touch the three sides. (*The part of a solid, such as a cone or pyramid, between two parallel planes cutting the solid, especially the section between the base and a plane parallel to the base.)
Man can only make sense of four dimensions. Cannot the Cosmic Mind without a form so to speak create anywhere a frustum that may give man who sees in the Immensities the form he is comfortable with? If St. Paul is talking about being taken to the third heavens the form was set out by Cosmic Mind, which requires no form for itself. By the same token Prophet Ezekiel Muhammad or Moses might see the Highest each according to his mind’s bent and inclination.
The Mind that can deal Wisdom and Power to each life form does not ask account but in the way it shall affect its own progress it is predetermined.
Moral sense of the Mind is formless but every life form gives it a definite shape in the way it rewrites the entire cosmos in a new way.The signature of God or whatever name one may give it is in all and through all.

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A musical note for example middle C on a piano is regular vibrations at the rate of 262 per second. If the wings of a humming bird could produce so many vibrations at the same rate it is middle C. No one by any stretch of imagination will on that account conclude the bird and the piano are one and the same. The bird has truth of nature, too distinct to be confused for anything else. This truth is drawn from Truth.

Similarly we express truth and we have a form too. This form clearly establishes our middle state.

We are finite beings.

When The Scriptures say He created man in His image it means that Truth is in him. Man is like a coin minted in the Royal Mint of Truth. We need to see Soul as its hallmark,  the seal. Whether we accept it or not we cannot escape this inherent truth.


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