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On April 23,2011 post ‘Will the Real Anna Hazare Stand Up?’ I had suggested the mischief he was likely to sow in Indian politics. While he was conducting his ‘Mr. Clean’ act there was a Baba also creating ruckus in New Delhi. The Baba soon proved to be not Mr. Clean but a tool for the Fundamental groups (that like Hazare would put the lower caste in their place) and both were cut from same communal casteist cloth. As elections are in the offing Ms. Kiran Bedi has let out the secret ingenuously: She is rooting for Narendra Modi and by extension she hinted which way Anna Hazare was blowing. The cop-turned social worker has much more to do in order to counter Kejriwal’s populist antics. AAP in my calculation is more likely to cut the numbers that traditionally would ally with BJP.
Indian Politics is slowly clearing up. No party shall be able to form a government without a coalition. Naturally clean politics implies comparison: will neck deep in mire is better than your good hand tainted with feces?
That begs the question: is secularism proven by deeds (however half-hearted) or a clean-up act promised by Casteism?


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Basher al Badawi a fox unfortunately lost his tail and how it grieved him! He had called it some sweet names while he had it. My Milk and Honey,Sweet End and so on. The name he loved most was Jerusalem. But what can he do? He lost Jerusalem because he was very careless and accident prone. Having lost his pride all that he got was a handlength of beard which he hennaed it and thought it made him look holy. Then he went to other foxes and said,’See this radical new look! Call me Oozing bin Leaden. The foxes who had many other things in their mind looking after their families community and their business did not give ear to him. ‘We are moderates’, said they. ‘We obey Allah who gave us tails and you look out for yourself’. The fox with the beard was wroth and said ‘I will make your name stink! Because you didn’t do as I tell you!’

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Osama died by choking. He chewed more than he could hold in his gullet. It was not the US he was targeting but his own kismet. He chose it on his own.
Man of enterprise before any venture will sit down and count the cost. A man setting out to create a new order cannot blindly go about it. Firstly his goal must be well thought and based on human nature. One who has never lived among ordinary people and known first hand their hopes, fears and pleasures shall never get it right. Least of all one who was born with a golden spoon (Osama’s father was a wealthy Saudi contractor). Secondly he must have wisdom from life-experience. What was Osama’s experience? Everything that he could indulge with his father’s money. He let his father’s money buy him arms and luxury as if to order. You don’t create a genuine following by mail-order. Osama sent the young recruits to create hatred and confusion. His money could buy those who had not iota of human spirit. Like zombies they obeyed without asking why. Pathetic specimens of humanity that only religion of hate as interpreted by a sybarite could buy. Basic tenets of Islam and humanity he didn’t need to know. Money was his only capital.

A reformer and founder of a new order must must have a far reaching vision tempered with practical wisdom of common people. He also would be resilient to create positive ways and means to make events fall according to his plan. It is like splicing ropes from short ends and gathering strengths from small events. He would be also optimist and practical to play with events. But what Osama had only some starry eyed fools whose combined brainpower may not have even lit up a 40 w bulb..
What was the vision of Osama?
Nothing! He was like a suicide bomber who sets off panic in public places and hoping fate will bring controls into his hands.
In his mad ambition killing was all he knew. For the same reason as I have mentioned earlier the Jihadists will never achieve their mad ambition. In pursuit of it thousands of dead were merely numbers. He wasn’t even good moslem but Iblis incarnate to destroy the innocents. Whether moslems or innocents were snuffed out in prime of their lives were of least concern to him. All he wanted to show the world was that he was a warrior. Warriors do not choose to hide when the heat gets tough outside. Cowards who end in their hiding and get killed are nothing but cowards. To the frog in the fable ox was something fantastic. Osama reminds me of the frog who tried to match a Ho Chi Minh or Mao Tse Tung. In Osama’s cowardly stature I can find no other comparison.
I know warriors who had to spent in hiding. Robert Bruce is too ancient for the present. Mao Tse Tung in his time had to go into hiding but he is a great strategist because he knew when to come out of his hiding and wrest power. He was the Great Helmsman: one only needs to know where is China now. What of Osama and his band? They are without state and are like burrs sent hither and thither by wind. Unwary passersby may catch them in their dress. Only one needs to pause to pick these pricks out one by one and burn them in a bonfire.
With Osama’s treachery on the shores of the US and Europe there were jackals who tagged along wondering if he were the lion or a tiger. Autopsy reveled that the US forces took down a jackass in the outskirts of a small town in Pakistan.
He was not a brave warrior who deserve an honorable burial.
To the evil fire is only reserved once at the Last Judgment. But Abbotabad was as good as a place for Justice to be meted out to Osama. When history writes its final report it would be thus:’ he was nothing but a mass murderer’. I think the Navy Seals should have burnt the body of Osama and ashes thrown into some wasteland in Pakistan. It is a failed state in all that things that a nation could take pride. If such a state could grow at least a mango tree it is something to their account.

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CAIRO – Cries of “Egypt is free” rang out and fireworks lit up the sky as hundreds of thousands danced, wept and prayed in joyful pandemonium after 18 days of peaceful pro-democracy protests forced President Hosni Mubarak to surrender power to the military, ending three decades of authoritarian rule.(AP News)
I call Mubarak a nobody because he was a guest forced on the people because of an emergency. The only legitimacy he has had on them was he was a son of the soil, an Egyptian as any. When the house caught fire he was asked to put it out. Like a guest who overstayed he stayed on and what he did? He threw his weight around and helped himself to the best and made the householder sleep in the stable. He was called in at an emergency. He is a nobody because as a guest he forgot his standing and rubbished the rules of good breeding. He was a guest who strained his welcome till he was thrown out..
He is a nobody because he and his family took advantage of the situation to aggrandize himself. He forgot once again one cardinal rule required in a guest:not to to decamp with the spoons and forks, sterling silver and pride and joy of the house.
Woeful lack of etiquette makes him a nobody.
Did he share while he enjoyed wonderful hospitality of all, the burden even a little or lighten their loads? No he didn’t. He didn’t share in the pride and joy of the family or pay respect to their ancestors. While he made his own family help to the fortunes or name of the host he didn’t make the beard of the pharaoahs any longer or the Nile any bluer. He is a nobody whom the whole family finally got rid of. When he left the whole family cried because they were deliriously happy. He was a nobody alright.

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Sheol is the place you visit if you want to keep your misanthropy sharpest. Man is such a funny animal who when given a religious persuasion instantly turns himself into a fool. I never thought I would see it again but I could not refuse the Man Upstairs.
Well it happened this way.
The Ancient of the Days called me one day and said,’Yisthak, you know your fellow men. ‘Are they living in peace, tending their own flocks?’
Yisthak replied,’See I spoke of peace and look what I have got,Lord’
Yes the Lord saw I was more like a sieve than soul.
At that point an angel came and announces that among His nation the ultra orthodox Jews who came from the Eastern empires cannot stomach the Jews who are in the Middle East.
God was amazed,’I wrote my name on their foreheads and do they not appreciate my love and forbearance?’
The angel explained that one group hates the other because they do not consider it evil to watch television or read newspaper of the gentiles.
‘How will I recognize them?’
‘One sect walk on tiptoe and keep their heads peeking at every corner as if they are out to hunt up all those who indulge in worldly pleasures.’
‘Yisthak, good that you left these dogs behind.’
‘But I had to leave behind my family as well’ murmured I.
God wanted to know about the other group. The angel was sure they surprised others by sneaking on their behinds. They are out to sniff those who ate pork and such unclean meats.
‘Oh they can decide who is holier than the other?’
Oh Lord of Unspeakable name, these people do much worse. and they do it all in your name!’
So Ancient of the Days went to the earth accompanied by me. He saw the nation that he had in His mind and who they really were entirely incompatible.
God walked the entire length and breadth of His nation. Not one could notice His presence. His shekina glory was missed out by all. The two ultra orthodox Jews were either walking on tip toe because of their own holiness or sniffing the backs of others in order to prove they were superior in the matter of diet. God said, ‘Yisthak, I am sorry that I sent you to the earth in the first pace.’
I bowed and said,’I thank you, Lord this visit made me realize that I no longer need worry about what they do. ‘

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