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This I believe: a poet’s pen must flow

Through thick and thin; but then it is hard

With a nose running,-flu got this bard ;

All I can think is King Lear,- Blow! blow! 

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Mummy,Mummy Mummy-

Must be ages

Locked in a funny home

Mummy Mummy Mummy

Never you mind;

More funny is my world


I am free for fun,-

I could live it up rich, you know

If I had a little money:

I’m also locked in,-

In the rich man’s world


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‘Alice O Alice,

Can I take your heart on lease

Will that do for love?

Alice, Oh Alice!

Say yes please!’

Yes that’s a thought I most relish

O Tom I shall make you mine for sure

And e’en walk the aisle with you on a leash.


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Rancid was heavy metal band

Hooked on acid and what not;

My ears are OK But light years

Away from hanging out with

Rancid the Band. 

Oh they were gay, Oh they were merry

Loaded to their gills with nose powder.

They flashed bills around and were they not

wowed and towed away for Dtox?

Rancid the Band where are they now?

They were on the road 

loaded with weeds and weirdoes

Till Sid ran with the loot

None knows for where.

Rancid isn’t much for music

But they smell heavily

of Yesterday, Isn’t that a shame?


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A variation to the Blake quote ‘To see a World in a grain etc.,:
To see a fly in a bowl of soup
And gleaming smile of Mr. Yongle
As I tackle noodles laid in god-knows-what slime
Need I die before time, tell me?

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Parodies based on Edward Fitzgerald version:

Seeking yet old thrill,-it begins anew
I heard a cry within, ‘Snort or go bust!’
‘Yeah with a monkey on my back a fix
Will give my world its center: I am at rest !

A quick bite on the run to my workplace
Will keep me for the day in this rat race:
You do know how to get on without sweat?
Backbite or kiss the ass to save the face. (#2 and 3 from First Ed.)


Here with a kindle O, beneath the Sun
A word or two from my love,-it is fun
If she had her Kindle too; Had Khayyam
lived now would he check out from Amazon?

(Fifth Ed.)

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The street was my beat:
In my rags neat I had the street
My catwalk!
Each neon lit corner I just shimmied
Till the crowd came helter-skelter
‘Oohs and ahs!’ how the rowdy froth at the mouth
To have an eyeful of threads!-
They love fashion obviously,
But can’t see heart beating within
The united colors of Benetton.

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