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Couple of days ago the news was something shocking as well as tragic: “Thirteen siblings ‘held captive’ by parents in Perris, California: ‘Deeply religious’ couple arrested on torture charges.”

An earlier news reported that all thirteen appeared to be children, so deputies were “shocked” to discover that seven of them are adults. Capt. Fellows of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said “If you can imagine being 17 years old and appearing to be a 10-year-old, being chained to a bed, being malnourished and the injuries associated with that — I would call that torture.” The biological parents, David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, have been arrested on charges of torture and child endangerment, authorities said.

Our conventional concept of family has taken a terrible beating and for any thinking person it must lead to soul searching. As a Christian it made me wonder: Is this what a couple deeply religious as reported in the press would do to their own flesh and blood?Deeply religious do sometimes equally bad as the Turpins did.  They will show by example how to keep a lie in circulation and yet be pillars of their Christian community. It is what their activism and evangelicalism would mean to others. Christ is merely a talking point but not believed or followed. Otherwise what is the point in castigating LGBT or abortion laws? What made you a judge, hypocrite, when God alone is the judge?

A family is a snapshot of the nation where the parents in a Christian home are as vital as the President of the nation. He has to set the highest example for others to note and follow. The case of the Turpins is all the more relevant considering the despicable standard the White House has set. Is this what a lie when conceived should look like? The President is the head of all, races ethnic groups rich or poor across the political spectrum; besides being the steward of the citizenry his ‘stable genius’ would lay in nurturing  the environment, health of the sea, rivers and natural resources.

Think of Noah in the ark, which was built according to the specifications God gave him. He also brought the creatures under his care. Think of nations as the ark and while it is negotiating its way across  every governor is to think of a safe haven and not to give postures of their preeminence over others. Suppose Noah or members of his family had created rift in the harmony enjoined on the whole by God what catastrophe it could have caused? Modern nations are no different. Man cannot quite bring it off by his selfishness or greed and expect peace among nations.

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”




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Molotov told de Gaulle that he once stood behind Stalin who believed himself alone. With his two hands he covered large parts of the globe that stood in his study. The entire Europe lay covered by his one palm and he was heard muttering,”It’s small, Europe.”

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Animal Farm Revisited

Mr. Monkey managed to be elected as the Commissar of the internal Security. Mr. Terrier also was angling for the same position. But  Mr. Rooster and Mr. Badger had a great interest in Monkey for he had entertained them all for long. When the animal population put to vote Mr. Monkey won the election easily.
Of course running the farm was not well thought of either by the electorate or by the Election Commission. The farm went from bad to worse. So Mr. Monkey addressed to the whole community and said, “ The farm has gone to the dogs. Nothing short of blood, sweat and tears can save us, now. Let the dray horses work round the clock,- instead of the present sunset till sundown.  The oxen need to plough a little more harder. Perhaps your sacrifices will bail us out of our present predicament.”
Mr. Terrier stood up and said, “ When you ought to have worked our weal you played the fool. When time called for good counsel you gave us a load of platitudes and half-truths.”
Mr. Rooster had to agree Mr. Terrier was right. He consoled Mr. Monkey saying, “ Never mind when the farmer sells the farm,- lock,stock and barrel, you can ask the new owner if he needs some monkey tricks.”

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