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Baron Thunder-ten-Tronck built his castle for view and his household for his will and pleasure.The baronness weighed three hundred and fifty pounds and she brought thirty million gold pieces, which pleased him. Her daughter, Cunegonde, aged seventeen and son taking after his vanity and bad jokes, were their chief joy. Baron told jokes point of which escaped all but at the way the servants laughed it was plain that he was a man of wit. He was the lord of the manor and he doted on Candide whose parentage was somewhat lost in translation. But no matter the boy was mild and honest. He as guardian had taken him under his wings.

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In Westphalia was the castle of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh and Candide who lived there thought it was the best of the worlds. For the impressive youth it was gospel truth since the daughter of the baron made his heart flutter. Whenever she surprised on him he knew the signs. The lines he was reading swam and the book he was reading from became blank and his heart beat faster and he blushed. Love he was certain made the world move, and he could no more read when the maid of seventeen came near him. What sighs what yearning overcame him!
The grounds Cunegonde walked belonged to his guardian Baron Thunder. Decidedly he lived in the best of the worlds. He could well understand what his tutor said,’Lucky dog! I have it best of both worlds!”

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‘Historians generally date Archaic period of Greece between 800 BCE – 480 BCE.

In the cusp of Archaic and Golden age of Greece Protagoras of Abdera struck the first blow with his dictum: Man is the measure of all things. It shook the Pantheon of gods on its foundations.

However without the birth of Aesop in 509 BCE this graphic novel would not have seen light of the day…. ‘



















‘I am Silenus

Your guide’




‘Come with me to that tavern…

It is on Samos… An isle.

A story along the way…

The Kid and the Wolf’



The tavern is full with custom… ‘Follow me

We shall meet some one special’.



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How does one define imagination? death defying power given to man. Homer still lives!


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