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well, my precious little go-between

think you will bring me good news?

If bad let it be a one quick dart of fire,

so I die in my own pyre, a sweet odor

for whoever your god be.

i’d rather read in every diaphanous fold

the good news my loins crave

you sweet little mercurial nymph!

so what shall it be this time-

good or bad?


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Heraclitus an ancient philosopher said: ‘On those stepping into rivers staying the same other and other waters flow’. If waters keep flowing even as you cross the river on one direction you are not on return touching the same waters twice. Much water has flowed by since you crossed it. You may have held frame of reference of the landscape and yet it , despite its keeping essential features in tact, still tricks you. That frame of reference you carefully fixed in your memory is connected to the whole. As you crossed one way some woman gave birth to a baby elsewhere and another died and so on. A star somewhere in cosmos collapsed and another on is on the making and so on. This state of changes is called life in flux. A man who makes history on the world stage is lost in a flux that is the law of Nature. Similar difficulty exists in interpreting history.
More on that in my next post.

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