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Season’s Greetings

I wish all my readers best wishes for the coming year. I shall if God willing post again in January 2018.

Take care, come high come low

Waves weave their muscles,-

For they can’t help

And rock your ship where they will

But never give in to despair

Waves obey higher power But your hold

On what you are

Is enough for now, Take care.



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Season’s Greetings

Thorough night or day

In sickness or health,

In being poor or rich

I know day follows night:

What is night but the gleam of light

Waiting to be let in?

Let your hearts with love and light surround,

If only you see the daybreak

Comes in a shower of blessings,-

I wish you all these and much more

But I shall not this blessed day sound a bore.


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There are days that slip by
And hours that bite to hurt;
Never mind, I have known
Days take the elevator to stars
And left me to rusticate
‘mong angelic choir;
while sweet lullabies salved
hurt of hours misspent
I knew the year as my reckoning.
If such be the gift allowed
for you and me
For every year lost or misspent
The coming year must make amends.
Cheer up fellows
The year shall be ours, by Gawd!

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