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Background for this pocket cartoon was Dr. Kissinger’s opinion that ‘the US troops for Vietnam was a mistake’. He was the architect for the nation’s foreign policy during the Nixon Years. In my view his hindsight was akin the tears of a crocodile. The terrible consequences of  the Vietnam War still reverberate and these shall keep adding to the Great Unrest of the Millennium.  benny


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It is ridiculous to compare Bismarck with Hitler. Only frame of reference for both names is that they were Chancellors. Their approach and their vision were as different as a surgeon’s scalpel and a machete. Bismarck who for his calculated containment of belligerent France or Russia through diplomacy would have abhorred the arrant gambler’s approach of Hitler. For posterity Bismarck was made into a myth by striking out his true statesmanship by those who wanted a war. Hitler is for posterity a question mark as how collective madness of an otherwise sober nation could create such a mediocrity for their leader?
To quote Kissinger, ‘Hitler’s was the absence of measure and rejection of restraint. The idea of conquering Europe would never have come to Bismarck; it was always part of Hitler’s vision. Hitler could never have pronounced Bismarck’s famous dictum that statesmanship consisted of listening carefully to the footsteps of God through history and walking with him a few steps of the way. Hitler left a vacuum. Bismarck left a state strong enough to overcome two catastrophic defeats..’

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