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Any act, be it of human beings, animals, plant life has to be in direct context of Truth. It is not without purpose that every thing of our universe connects with every thing else.
Everything naturally connects on a common yardstick of Truth. Both Physical and Spirit world.
Energy is the currency with which Truth keep track of every exchange in Cosmos.
It stands to reason that what I lose out here on the Earth is compensated in the hereafter with energy levels. It would be in a way fair and equitable that the man who stole my goods and went free, pays back with interest of course energy that I can make use of hereafter. This point was already illustrated in A Hereafter Story.
Justice in the lexicon of Truth must hold a different time factor than we hold here and now.

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Conjugation Principle
Consider the optical illusion where we could spot a figure or a vase depending on what we are looking at. In other words we choose to see what we want to see. (see note)
Can there be an island without the sea? We may be talking about the island but sea is ever in the background. Merely because we see the reality of island shall not make the reality of the sea any less.
Duality of Man has body and spirit. Both are conjugated because of the soul. Inner life and Physical life. From our inner or spirit life we translate thoughts into actions by means of energy. In the past posts I have been discussing energy as bills of exchange. Energy as the means to negotiate our hereafter is as permanent as our absolute position is forever fixed in the cosmos.
Suppose death means stepping out of here and now into the hereafter our energy profile should still carry certain facts about us. Energy cannot be destroyed or created. So energy profile encapsulates our physical life on Time-Space mode.
The scriptures speak of spiritual bodies. I think hereafter is where we are reversed. What would that mean? What was our inner life or spirit becomes our body while our corruptible body or whatever is left of it becomes our inner life. Flaming creatures we shall be.
In short on the pinions of soul we switch our body and spirit around as in the face-vase illustration mentioned above.
Note:‘To make sense of the world it is necessary to organize incoming sensations into information which is meaningful. Gestalt psychologists believe one way this is done is by perceiving individual sensory stimuli as a meaningful whole. Gestalt organization can be used to explain many illusions including the Duck-Rabbit illusion where the image as a whole switches back and forth from being a duck then being a rabbit and why in the figure-ground illusion the figure and ground are reversible.’(wikipedia)

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Carbon dating works on the principle that animals, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air as long as they live. Carbon that has a mass of 14 atoms is radiocarbon while carbon normally holds 12. When the animals for example die their C-14 atoms begin to disintegrate at a steady rate while Carbon (with 12 atoms) does not.
The age of a felled tree can be calculated by its tree rings, one for every year of its life. These rings vary in width depending on weather and climate for that year. Growth patterns for individual species will be same for wide areas. Dendrochronology is a scientific technique by which one can date a tree by comparing with master patterns available for the particular year in question.
From the above I dare suppose that truth as we demonstrate in our lives can be compared with Truth. How such an abstract term as Truth be quantified?
In my opinion energy level of each human being is same (ref. my post of Oct 8), and Energy being constant, relevance of each may be set down in terms of energy wasted or gained. If I use a moral yardstick actions that have helped others or made the world a better place will have high positive value. By the same token bad actions will show a reading, negative and on the debit side. In such an energy profile everything concerning my life is recorded in terms of energy.

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