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Let me quote an earlier post on Gandhi and Tolstoy (July, 2011) “…When a man like Tolstoy, one of the clearest thinkers in the western world, one of the greatest writers, one who as a soldier has known what violence is and what it can do, condemns Japan for having blindly followed the law of modern science, falsely so called, and fears for that country ‘the greatest of calamities’, it is for us to pause and consider whether, in our impatience of English rule, we do not want to replace one evil by another and worse. India, which is the nursery of the great faiths of the world, will cease to be nationalistic India…’
19th Nov.1909,MK Gandhi
(selected from A Letter to a Hindu, by Leo Tolstoy)
In India’s case India winning Independence from the British colonial masters was a turning point. But did not the Congress party lost direction? Corruption under the Congress rule had run into every walk of life and with some 60 years what is left of is Gandhiji’s Moral example but no takers. His political blindside notwithstanding was sound in choosing a liberal as Nehru at the time of transition. But Jawaharlal Nehru as the PM led the nation and it somewhere short cut democratic credentials it chose to uphold in creating a dynasty rule. How did that happen is for historians to settle.
How Congress rule was egregiously inept and corrupt was proved in its utter rout of recent national elections. The nation has altogether a new set of masters who are spiritually still in a reprehensible time- warp of casteism, child marriage and rank reliance on Hinduvta ideology that has no basis in terms of geography, ethnography or in terms of cultural well-spring.
India is a breakaway land mass from Africa and the landmass pushing ever into Tibetan plateau goes on still. So India’s connection with Africa is in present tense. Just as Indians prefer seeing themselves as part of Indian sub-continent I am of the opinion is arbitrary and has no practical value. World wide web has erased much more such outdated concepts of narrow nationalism Now it s of big blocks as EU and ASEAN etc., Harping on Hinduvata is eye wash. Ask oneself instead ‘are we not part of the whole world?’ This is what any Indian steeped in spiritual values ought to ask. One cannot butter one part of the bread with Jam and other with Andhra chutney. If we have in ages past cultivated spiritual values these must be focused to keep us calm centered every citizen in India must prove on the International market his worth. A fitting and truly shining example is their Mars mission. Similarly each Indian has unprecedented opportunity to make a splash in the Information technology or any other.
In terms of ethnography we are offspring of migrations originating from Africa. Out of Africa hypothesis still holds true for most parts of the world. Even a white supremacist in deep South of US is a white washed negroid. Aeons of time to work changes of our ape ancestor is a kind of genetic trigger and if the African ancestor has shed his hair and bleached by cold climate it is nothing to crow about. Some castes in India demanding privileges over the fact of their Aryan blood are anachronistic and living under a delusion. Mingling of many streams of human migration has created more robustness than those who inbred for centuries. The case of Pharaohs may be seen as a case in point.
Since Congress proved incapable of holding the mantle of Gandhiji the Hindu Fundamentalists have come forward to lay claim. Since they won good and proper through the ballot box it cannot be helped. They can lay their own rules. If a statue is erected to honor Gandhiji’s assassin it is one of the perks of the powers that be. No worse than Chief Minister Mayawati’s vanity to comemmorate her rule in Uttar Pradesh.
In a democratic set up rats and weasels are of same value since the people have settled the difference.


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Assassination and Aftermath-Walter Rathenau

On June 24, 1922, two months after the signing of the Treaty of Rapallo, 1922, Walter Rathenau was assassinated in a plot led by two ultra-nationalist army officers, Erwin Kern and Hermann Fischer. Also involved were Ernst Verner Techow, Hans G. Techow and Wille Guenther (aided and abetted by seven others, some of them schoolboys) linked to Organisation Consul. On that morning, he was driving from his house to Wilhelmstraße, as he did daily (and predictably). During the trip his car was passed by another in which three armed men were sitting. They simultaneously shot at the minister with machine guns, and threw a hand grenade into the car before quickly driving away. A memorial stone in the Koenigsallee in Berlin-Grunewald marks the scene of the crime. Rathenau was fervently mourned in Germany, with flags officially at half mast, although this was not compulsory. After the Nazis came to power in 1933, they declared Rathenau’s assassins to be national heroes and designated June 24 as a holiday of celebration.
One of the participant assassins was the future writer Ernst von Salomon, who had provided the car but was not present at the shooting. The main assassins, Kern and Fischer, committed suicide when surrounded by the police in the turret of Saaleck castle, near Koesen. The final main assassin, Ernst Werner Techow, who drove the car, was captured and sentenced to 15 years in prison. At his trial he claimed that he had acted under duress, as Kern threatened to kill him when he tried to withdraw from the murder plot. Upon his release from prison for good behavior in 1927, he volunteered for the French Foreign Legion. During the Second World War he helped save hundreds of Jews in Marseilles, apparently as an attempt at penance for his crime.
Telushkin, Joseph (1994). Jewish Wisdom. New York: William Morrow and Company. ISBN 0688129587. “After Techow’s arrest, Mithilde Rathenau, the victim’s mother, wrote to Techow’s mother: In grief unspeakable, I give you my hand… Say to your son that…I forgive [him], even as God may forgive [him], if before an earthly judge your son makes a full and frank confession…and before a heavenly judge repents… May these words give peace to your soul… . Techow later told Rathenau’s nephew that his transformation had been triggered by Mathilde Rathenau’s letter: Just as Frau Rathenau conquered herself when she wrote that letter of pardon, I have tried to master myself.”
Here we see mother’s response different from men. Nazis eulogized the killing of a man who could have saved Germany from the brink of economic collapse. For them all that mattered was to bury the Weimar Republic. Why was it hated? The government ruled on democratic lines and had no magic bullet as the Marxists and Nazis deluded themselves. Lawless men made matters murky so they could fish in troubled waters. Whereas mother of the murdered Walter Rathnau reached out to the mother of the assassin and in doing so she redeemed ‘the unwilling assassin’ and made him a useful member of the society. Women connect while man think nothing but glory and power.
This brings me to the concluding part of the three part series I have been posting lately on India.
Assassination of Rathenau sent Germany to the abyss and Germany survived because the nation found there are better ways of achieving miracle than some outdated ideology based in Teutonic myths and legends. Aryan racial superiority was a myth; and so was war. Does this hold a lesson for India?
I wonder what India would have been had not some Ultra-nationalist assassinated Gandhi in the critical juncture of a new nation finding feet?
In India ultra-nationalists may have taken a leaf out of National Socialists in the way they drill, parade and street rowdism. Instead of Swastika they wear a tilak as though it is a proof of our Indian identity! Instead of Aryan supremacy they have merely replaced it with ‘Hindu Nation’.
Indians see through phony nationalism whether it was by courtesy of KB Hedgwar or Anna Hazare. Heart of these ‘nationalists’ one would find ‘caste India’ and not secular India. ( ack:wikipedia)

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If there be hand there must also surely the thought that can draw conclusions from Imagination in manner finite mind of man can understand? What is art but communicating by means of symbols and realities,- superficial at that, between the artist and the viewer. The artist by taking advantage of the texture paint and color draws veil over the viewer’s visual faculties,- and how he opens the window therein is a matter of trust. How the artist has drawn from the immensities and how you deign to follow his insight and art are two different things. Late MF Hussain of India drew Mother India according to his vision and some busybodies saw nakedness ‘ Abominable!’ they cried. They hounded him out of India while those who could have put a stop to the vandalism did nothing. (Just as they didn’t prevent the Babri Masjid demolition.)
Reality of our physical universe is not beyond our ken although emphasis you and I place may vary. Reality is how we translate Imagination into the context of time and place in which we transact realities in a meaningful manner.
Our imagination has grasped essentials of Imagination. If we have celestial tones ringing in our ears and put it down by means of musical notations we are giving the reality a scope it never had before. How good or bad it is must be judged musically and not by intention or any other means. A Mozart or Bach has felicity of expression that makes anyone hearing it to guess whose composition it is. They are unique and their shadows even after a distance of centuries bring to mind as though they were not dead and gone at all. We are reality of an Immense Dream and how we shape it can only be determined as such from our works.
In the Immensities, quintessence of which is indivisible and Absolute we borrow scenery as it were, like Japanese. (In Japan houses are sited taking advantage of the landscape. They borrow scenery so to speak so from where they sit they can enjoy a slice of it. Though they only tinkered with the house Nature has come along freely to raise its quality to the nth degree.). Religion, Science, art literature all human enterprises are windows drawn on it and whether it is shut or open quality of Immensities remain unchanged. An atheist scoffing at the Immensities plays the fool since he is the eye of it. He is a fool since he says there is nothing.

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