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Our life on the Earth is to be considered as an apprenticeship. We have an equal share of energy to do needful things which mean in a manner of speaking, to use it judiciously. We negotiate energy as bills of exchange with others in ways, and we learn with experience to multiply it as the wise servant who doubled his ten talents. Talent is not our energy. Energy is in our deeds and not talents themselves. Thus the servant with five talents also prosper. In the parable on creation His breath in us is to be understood as energy we have received to do well in our sojourn on the earth.
God is a consuming fire, in the book of Deutronomy so we read. To my present intent and purpose God is that Absolute, constant and Truth.
Some believe they can please God by repetitions and some rituals that have lost their meaning as soon as they were prescribed. How so? What is the use of prayer without faith and faith without works? Some fast for days and other pray so often daily. It would be fine if that made them set a good example to others by deeds. Why waste energy in meaningless mumbo-jumbo that has a form of godliness but doesn’t better you or others? In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. This quote is to be complemented by actions that are good so your energy by its proper use earn you much more. Goodness is its reward.

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Creation Spirit©

As soon as God created Day and Night, the host of angels came to God and asked, “O Lord there is division among us. Which of the two, Day or Night is better?” God chose not to reply. The day He separated the Heaven from the Earth the angels came and asked,” Which is better, heaven or the earth?”Again God remained silent. He went on creating and after he had created man the angels in so many groups asked,” We are going to pieces with contrary opinions. Tell us God, Are we not better than the man you created?”
God fell silent. Archangel prodded,” O Lord of hosts! If man were better you would have set him here in heavenly places. Now we see your face all the time and we are definitely superior.”
Instead of replying God breathed in to Adam and asked” Which is better- I being among you or my spirit in him? Answer me and I shall answer those questions you asked me earlier.”

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