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Here is one who had a figure to play dandy. He taught the Regent( the future King William IV) how to keep the boots shiny. He insisted on champagne  for his boots while the regent loved to lard his gizzard with it. No wonder their friendship was doomed.

Brummel  took his appearance very seriously. It took 4 hours to adjust his cravat and another five to adjust his morals to keep up with the Regent. Poor Brummel by the time he was fitted out  it was time to change his morning coat for the evening frock. Cravat of course went unnoticed among the Regency bucks whose phizz were floating in bumperful champagne.

Only those whom he impressed were the tradesmen,butcher and coachmen who thought a dandy who had so much accoutrements but no will to pay their bill has to be dunned.

O poor Beau Brummel. His cravat was a style that in our time has even changed name for the shame of it. Cravat  or a choker? What is it. Both come to a tie.

Beau Brummel leads the list in my Misguided Lives of Men of Fashion


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