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Spirit of the times is a no man’s land where the rules of engagement are different from what man has to face as an individual. As a moral being it is Truth that determines truth of action.

29 Day 5

‘The Business of America is Business,’ was a slogan of the roaring Twenties. How true was ‘Wealth is Power’ when the entire nation went on playing at stocks and in a matter of four years the stock market crash of 1929 wiped thousands and thousands of their life savings; it sowed unrest at home and was felt all across the world so much so it is cited as one of the contributing factors for WWII. Despite this catastrophe so many marched under a new mantra ‘Greed is good’ of the 80’s and it led to 2008 economic meltdown. Does it not show that bad experience can never mend a society or prevent a nation from repeating their mistakes when actions are wrong. Spirit of times without Truth often is Nemesis, who is shown slow-footed. But she always gets her man.

The Don Pacifico incident of 1850 showed Britain’s supremacy over the seas and their gunboat diplomacy was their right to avenge a perceived insult with impunity. Lord Palmerston dispatched a squadron of the Royal Navy to blockade the Greek port of Piraeus to teach the Greeks a lesson for the harming of a British subject, David Pacifico. In 2018 two Russian agents struck at their targets at Salisbury and contaminate some parts with novichok and all that UK could do was protest. Spirit of times showed ‘gunboat diplomacy’ as an idea but useless as so many others.

29 Day 6

Between Cause and Effect falls a shadow, spirit of the times where a no man’s land exists. Within a war we shall find many inexcusable actions going on making a mockery of the moral stand of the parties. War on terror supposedly was waged to introduce democracy in the Middle East. Chief petty Edward Gallagher was accused of shooting civilians, murdering a captive Islamic State fighter with a hunting knife in Iraq, and threatening to kill SEALs who reported him, among other misconduct. Similarly many events are played out between warring parties.

In the War on Terror between the US (2003) and others Daniel Pearl was only a journalist who had nothing to do with war. Nevertheless he was kidnapped and killed in 2002. Where is justice for the innocent victim?

When a moral being casts aside as with war the rights of widows, orphans the idea, ‘Might is Right’ only speaks of spirit of the times. So Truth shall certainly claim its sovereign right to settle account. Time is no bother.

It is thus spirit of the times has moved and nations without exception are affected by it.

29 Day 7

Human institutions are run to achieve their objectives. Truth, which they avow in prospectus is gilded and show off them in best light. Only it remains what each individual brings into it.






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The last two photos show Napoleon’s bed room and of Josephine’s bed room. Of the last I had done a sketch and posted it a couple of years ago. My wife and I went through the last residence of the queen. After a lifetime of reading about Napoleon and Josephine this visit was merely to feel the reality of two great lives: love for roses in one and of ambition in the other to make a difference in the way nations see of themselves,- although it was over millions of lives, which are still an experience of a bygone age. Nothing more.

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Past Imperfect

A sloppy chop from a surgeon’s scalpel shall require many more stitches to set right the first mistake. Not to mention a cosmetic surgery to conceal what went before. Is not history somewhat similar to this? A war creates many ripples, and tsunami of two world wars did not occur by themselves. It is how man’s fall in disobeying God has set to write history. Instead of having one Authority man found nations and every nation many masters and the combined weight of history we see even at present. Are not the steady stream of migrants from Central America or Africa reminiscent of the great migration of our ancestors out of Africa? Such is human predicament man speaking of national identity is fooling himself. Man shall be eternal wanderers on the face of the earth given the alarming rate at which the climatic changes. The Tunguska event of 1906 owed to a celestial object hitting the Siberian woods. When the Bible records the Judgment of the Harlot of Babylon in the Book of Revelation (Ch.18) it is one event the nations so secure in their own security should be concerned about. History of mankind is past imperfect. It shall be only perfect when God determines a point of time to put a stop.(To be continued)

I shall leave with something of my past imperfect.
In popular culture have we not read how our civilization got a boost from Aliens? If with their intervention we could only produce Facebook and conspiracy theories and racial profiling as we see now, we must be the most stupid to take advice from imbeciles. It reminds me of a time in my sixth form I had the answers to arithmetic test copied from one who was by all common consent the maths whiz. My father who was a martinet for facts insisted that I had answers to the sum entered against each question. For once I thought alternates facts would let me off the hook. No At home my father after checking my paper almost was screaming,’idiot!’ Later only I realized I was the victim of a sting operation. My mistake was not to stick to my own facts. I had good marks for maths. Even so arithmetic has been my bugbear ever since.

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(In our age  nations are seized upon making hard decisions on their fiscal policy. Such was what US Congress passed recently. Is Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 fiscally responsible or irresponsible cannot be answered readily. A similar choice was before  France in the early 1783. Carlyle writes what they were up against and it no less true for the Americans in 2018.-b)

“And so, towards the end of 1783, matters threaten to come to

still-stand. Vain seems human ingenuity. In vain has our newly-devised
‘Council of Finances’ struggled, our Intendants of Finance, Controller-
General of Finances: there are unhappily no Finances to control. Fatal
paralysis invades the social movement; clouds, of blindness or of
blackness, envelop us: are we breaking down, then, into the black horrors

Great is Bankruptcy: the great bottomless gulf into which all Falsehoods,
public and private, do sink, disappearing; whither, from the first origin
of them, they were all doomed. For Nature is true and not a lie. No lie
you can speak or act but it will come, after longer or shorter circulation,
like a Bill drawn on Nature’s Reality, and be presented there for payment,-
-with the answer, No effects. Pity only that it often had so long a
circulation: that the original forger were so seldom he who bore the final
smart of it! Lies, and the burden of evil they bring, are passed on;
shifted from back to back, and from rank to rank; and so land ultimately on
the dumb lowest rank, who with spade and mattock, with sore heart and empty
wallet, daily come in contact with reality, and can pass the cheat no

Observe nevertheless how, by a just compensating law, if the lie with its
burden (in this confused whirlpool of Society) sinks and is shifted ever
downwards, then in return the distress of it rises ever upwards and
upwards. Whereby, after the long pining and demi-starvation of those
Twenty Millions, a Duke de Coigny and his Majesty come also to have their
‘real quarrel.’ Such is the law of just Nature; bringing, though at long
intervals, and were it only by Bankruptcy, matters round again to the mark.

But with a Fortunatus’ Purse in his pocket, through what length of time
might not almost any Falsehood last! Your Society, your Household,
practical or spiritual Arrangement, is untrue, unjust, offensive to the eye
of God and man. Nevertheless its hearth is warm, its larder well
replenished: the innumerable Swiss of Heaven, with a kind of Natural
loyalty, gather round it; will prove, by pamphleteering, musketeering, that
it is a truth; or if not an unmixed (unearthly, impossible) Truth, then
better, a wholesomely attempered one, (as wind is to the shorn lamb), and
works well. Changed outlook, however, when purse and larder grow empty!
Was your Arrangement so true, so accordant to Nature’s ways, then how, in
the name of wonder, has Nature, with her infinite bounty, come to leave it
famishing there? To all men, to all women and all children, it is now
indutiable that your Arrangement was false. Honour to Bankruptcy; ever
righteous on the great scale, though in detail it is so cruel! Under all
Falsehoods it works, unweariedly mining. No Falsehood, did it rise heaven-
high and cover the world, but Bankruptcy, one day, will sweep it down, and
make us free of it…) Selected from the Chapter Parlement of Paris 1:3.1


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Evolution is a way forward and the scaffolding which, was set in place millennia before even emerging life forms have had a clue. As such billions of years ago mitochondria striking up partnership with singular cell organism, and this pairing would emerge stronger despite of  adverse circumstances. An example of which we had considered in an earlier post. In the case of gold fishes surviving prolonged icy conditions their ability to avail second set of proteins was not something produced by a magician like a rabbit out of a hat. It is the accumulated gains of living among other life forms facing challenges daily. Thus any sudden ability for a life form is not luck but availing nature’s positivism that explains Natural Selection.

Nature always look to the best interests of maximum array of species and not any particular species. We have a sixth wave of mass extinctions coming up and several signs show man’s mismanagement is notching up strikes against him. Failing sperm count is one sign. His intelligence also is taking a hit under sporadic genetic mutations. Positivism decrees that species that cannot further nature’s plan must be controlled or laid aside.

In History also we see how evil ideologies are contained. Nature set up Hitler in order to lead him to a disaster from which he would never emerge to destroy what were positive gains for mankind as a whole. Thus his final solution needs be weighed against the founding of Israel. Anti-Semitism of Europe had first to be clarified and flushed out for which Hitler was merely a medium. For this reason Neo-nazism in Europe or the US shall never stand,

Similarly look what is happening in the Middle East. The ISIS are cleared out of their last hideout. Their defeat was determined beforehand. (I had posted a fable in comic strip format a couple of years ago.) 1.Today a US led coalition says their three year domination at Raqqa has come to an end. Their ideology is inimical to progress of mankind. They and their followers need see they have no place to hide in a decent civilized society.  Caliphate was tried once and having beggared the chance when they had, the movement of Islam shall be like a speck of dust in the vision of humanity. The past abuses and neglect scream against them as did Positivism speak against the concept of New Canaan.

What is New Canaan? The Pilgrim Fathers sailed to the New Continent looking it as a fresh beginning, a great Experiment. What made them leave Europe in the first place? Was it not for religious intolerance they experienced back home? Quakers, Non-conformists and believers of all hues who had seen America as the New Canaan underwent great many privations to sail for the new continent and establish their Zion. Instead of their ideal to usher in the Millennium rule recorded in Isaiah, we know their history was far from perfect. Their two centuries of history was a written in blood. History of modern America is deeply set into a pattern: there is no escaping from it. The fate of Native Americans and minorities make a mockery of their ideals even if they try hard. What went wrong? Ideals of the Pilgrim Fathers could not have accounted for contrary movements that were already at play. These movements are like the inflation theory in astrophysics, the burst of energy that came into play in seconds after the Big Bang. Cluster principle allows such prodigious minor events that were scattered about coalesce into potent causes. In recent times we see this principle well illustrated in the Iraq War. The USA went in to topple the Saddam regime. It merely made the age-old animosities between sects, tribes more into the open not to mention Kurds and Iran who have their own agenda. History cannot stand on ideology alone. It requires certain moral basis and good governance based on equity and justice.

As a Christian I see in Positivism the DNA of God what is to be known of his Power and Wisdom. Evangelicals in the USA think of Trump as their champion. Merely because they talk God in a manner as the one who put wealth of the land in their pockets does not mean God is their accomplice. God’s mill treads ever slowly but no injustice can escape his Eye. As the President says, ‘ there is a lull before storm’ and we shall see how far nations can imagine they can deal people unfairly at every turn and imagine God is pleased with them.

Note:1 See Memory of life: moth and dinosaurs of Aug.2014 the last line


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The chaos caused by supernovae does not remain static since it leaves its consequences. Interstellar medium or ISM is one such consequence.

If one star dies it is possible other stars shall die too whenever they run out of fuel.

A supernovae creates shockwaves through the interstellar medium, compressing the material there, heating it up to millions of degrees. Astronomers believe that these shock waves are vital to the process of star formation, causing large clouds of gas to collapse and form new stars. No supernovae, no new stars.

Think of space as one vast cemetery as well as a cradle.

Such accidents are in-built and conducive to overall development so much so we let the term accident in our usage on account of our limits to understanding.

What is interstellar medium but debris of stars floating about? How one war creates more wars in the history of nations is similar. War in Syria triggers war in Yemen and it shall in the end undo the very fabric of sectarian divide in the Middle East. Survival mechanism of ordinary person is not for satisfying some fools prattling things they have not seen or can live up to. Just as Europe learned to put the Holy See where it belongs and get on with their lives Moslems shall certainly get on past the tribal mindset and some foolish traditions associated with their nomadic way of living. It cannot be otherwise: Moslems or Christians are of the selfsame star materials calling themselves names just as the astronomers thought up names for the stars they discovered. The stars themselves have no need for such labels.


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I n t r o d u c t i o n


What is an anecdote? It was the redoubtable Dr. Johnson who in his Dictionary (1755) defined the word as ‘something yet unpublished; a secret history.’ On the anvil of usage a word gets beaten till it comes to mean quite something else. The doctor as concession to vagaries of time, in a later edition amended the definition as follows: ‘A biographical incident; a minute passage of private life.’

 This second book of the Representational Man contains more anecdotes and the intent is same as the first.

Man as a key and symbol. Since we come with a physical and inner life should we not be represented both visible and in inner life as well? The representational men ought to serve as a key to our inner life or our lives in the spirit.

No action of man can be understood without asking what his motives were. Why did VI Lenin resort to a violent overthrow of the Tsars while MK Gandhi adopted non-violence as his weapon? This can only be understood by the role ethos shaped their thinking. Ethos is defined as the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement. (AH dictionary)

Alexander of Macedon is a representative man for the ilks of Julius Caesar and Napoleon whose fame and fortune are all hitched to the physical world. Their actions also prove where their emphasis lay. For the Great Soul as MK Gandhi is called, ahimsa was an article of faith and for this he owed to the teachings of Gautama Buddha and to the epics. Prince Siddhartha Gautama forsook his kingdom and the worldly advantages and yet became a representational man. He turned his loss to advantage. He became the Buddha after he put his finger on the pulse of our existence to show us a way forward. For all those who value a life in the spirit he is a representational man.

Conquerors of world empires or of our hearts and minds, prophets or saints, fools or sages have all made their mark using the same arena, the earth. Only they placed their emphases differently.

Spirit of the times is the oxygen we breathe even as they and yet we see our world through their eyes.

Diogenes of Cinope could tell Alexander to keep out of his sun because he saw his circumstances under the sun applicable to the great man as well. How come they are representational men and we are not? We are connected to representational men because we breathe the same air and create the spirit of our times in the manner we contribute however small, for the common fund. And yet we often forget what spirit we are made of; neither we cash in on the wisdom which the representational man has well made use of. Representational man in a manner of speaking is our admission we fell back in the race of life.

If we are not true to our own thoughts we are reduced to deal in second hand goods passed on by others. If we have failed to think noble thoughts or act upon them we may be forced to settle for the second best which another has thought for us. It is in this context we look up to the representational man who has succeeded where we never even tried.

I shall end this by quoting two authors who more or less approached study of history from focusing on men who made history. Scholars of present day history may not fully endorse their approach but the following quotes suit my purpose well.

My intent is not to write histories but only lives. For the noblest deeds do not always show mean virtues and vices but sometimes a light occasion, a word or some sport makes man’s natural dispositions and manners appear than the famous battles won…”

(Plutarch-The Life of Alexander)

“No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of the great men”.


(This is selected from my book: Representational Man in two volumes-self published through http://www.lulu.com)



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