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If short of breath all you need is to do a handstand. If you could do it, short or length wouldn’t bother you.
Do you suffer from insomnia? If you do, counting sheep may not help help anymore. Think your boss is suffering from the same condition and his is much more aggravated case. It will not help you fall asleep. But you have something more pleasant thought to keep you occupied.
Do you suffer from flatulence? And the sound is flat and ear splitting? Don’t worry. In company you ask as if to no one
in particular,’turn off the volume, please.’Before someone gets the idea, you say,’I prefer fleetwood mac, but don’t let it stop the music,please.’
If you are with your wife in a posh company say with a smile as natural as can be,’ Oh dear, they are playing our music.’ It is a sure romantic touch coming from you. The shock value is enough to distract all.
*In case a piece of a bone gets stuck in your throat, don’ t panic: get your dog to fetch it. Invariably he does it.
If more than three or four bones have become stuck, it is pretty serious. Lie down quietly for help to arrive.
(To the next of kin: Phone for your undertaker. He shall know what to do with a bag of bones.)
*If you are in the habit of rubbing hands in glee it can often leave an unpleasant impression on others. Here is a cure: wring hands in counter clockwise for a week.


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