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As one who has locked horns with corporate moghuls all my life I can tell you CV’s are OK but it is not what gets you a job. You have seen Pampalona Bull run? It is free for all. Job interviews are like the bull run. With a CV you get some mileage but as the interview gets going your tongue gets on and on,- you are not sticking to facts (Pardon,Jack Webb), you are outside the safety zone. You are treading on lot of bullshit. Out of so many applicants some get gored. In my case I am bored. I got to have some vital facts: like my salary,vacation time.
Let me tell you some hands on fact: both are put- offs.

In my case I always let curiosity get an early start. Like asking, ‘How much are you gonna pay me?’. To ask such a question after handing a CV that could have penned by Webster himself is a potential red flag. Your language on paper is precise and faultless. Why not mind your language all the way? There is a way of mangling English, but sounding ‘pay’ at the interview is a big NO!
Every time I asked I felt a hands- on experience accompanied by a painful feeling my interlocutors are well seated around a table and I am just hitting the pavement.
In one interview the talking heads painted a glorious picture of their company philosophy and said,’We expect you to feel at home while you push profit figures.
I said,’Can I bring my hammock?’ That abruptly ended the interview. So I am wary whenever the fellows with a Buddha smile tell me to speak my mind. ‘Middle-of-the- road- attitude’ is not what they want to hear. If I elucidate my thoughts as ‘neither profit nor loss but warm my chair is what I expect for my salary, perks, bonus’ I know I will not get past the interview stage.

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