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To the Pavilion of the Jade Emperor came all the emperors who had carried out the Will of heaven on the earth. The Emperor of the Sun and the Moon sat in his throne and as the shadows of great assemblage watched the Emperor sat shivering as though stricken with a chill.
The emperor who built the great Wall of China extolled the emperor but seeing him helpless and in discomfort stopped short and laid himself in prostration. He said,’What avails me with all my achievements if I could not provide you with warmth?
So said all those emperors who had lorded over the Empire and shed tears. At last the Emperor with great struggle found words,’ Oh my messengers on Earth you heaped greatness on yourselves since people were none the better for it.’
Then he beckoned the shade of Kaotse, the scholar who taught that human nature was neither good nor bad. The scholar explained to the multitude of the rulers that they were to guide the human nature by example into virtuous state and not destroy human lives by bad actions. ‘When the Emperors Yu and Li were in power the people loved violence and when Wu and Wen ruled the people loved virtue.’ Now look at the way the Will of Heaven is expressed.’

The Jade Emperor shivered and in piteous tone showed the symbol of his Authority and Majesty, the Dragon of Ten Thousand Moons,’ and cried,’See how cold is his breath? he cannot provide me with warmth.’
At that a messenger came up and approached the throne to say,’ People’s Republic of China has instituted a Prize in order to prove Nobel Prize was issued by a bunch of clowns. The Jade Emperor brightened up somewhat and asked ‘What Prize are they giving?’
‘Confucius Prize,’ a mandarin murmured.
The Jade Emperor asked,’ Say who won the prize?’
The mandarin looked sheepish and said,’Whoever won it didn’t show up.’
The Jade Emperor felt a chill coming and said,’ Their Peace Prize must be written by blood of people and their Prize for understanding and Co-operation must be thought up by jackboots studded with iron spikes.
He excused himself and took to bed.


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