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The India That Was-Indian political scene


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People speak of ego as if they haven’t decided if it were a curse or blessing.
I know my ego is my trump card. It fits me like a glove.
My ego and I are twins, Gemini you know what I mean? The day I came into the world I gave my mom a gift coupon for choosing me and sent my pop, a card in appreciation that his tastes were impeccable. Since then I had to revise my opinion. Imagine he wanted to spank me for sucking my thumb! My thumb!
When I went to school I gave back the dunce cap to the teacher saying my head is expanding one inch a second so only an elastic self adjustable cap will do. I am very fastidious that in a fancy restaurant I peck at peas and say sorry to potato mash. At the end I send the mash back telling the waiter to give it an iron tight alibi before the garbage can. I refuse to handle money so I tell the waiter to consider himself paid for the privilege of catching my eye.
I don’t gamble because I hate to act on anything coming from the horse’s mouth.
Not even gods can live on a dollar but I can. My ego is so vast that I have written IOU in the sky. Of course the firm that chartered their plane to write it is not paid, naturally. It is tied up with the IOU.
I don’t play fast and loose but I know which side of my bread is buttered. The fly that got stuck is the buttered side and my stomach when it rumbles I know which side gonna be loose.
Whenever thunder is heard, I know the choir of angels are tuning up for my entertainment.
An ego that can bring up angels for your entertainment is unbeatable.
I rest my case.
benny ( This post would not have been written but for a delightful post from nezza@hella sydney. I began writing a comment and I got carried away.b. )

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I read Anna Hazare contrary to my initial impression has been active. He hails from Maharashtra where he is a law unto himself. In other words he is extra-constitutional authority.He is known to impose punishment as he seems fit. A villager under his feudal fiefdom will be tied to a pole in front of the village temple and publicly flogged. Several men undergo this, one of whom, a vice sarpanch of the village, says: “I was drinking. I was … tied to the pole and flogged two-three times. It is normal. ” He believes in forced vasectomy. He believes that corrupt people should be hanged — literally hanged to death and so on. ‘So has the frog in the well believed. What if the frog has not cleaned up the mess in that well either the frog is a crackpot or one that is less than what he pretends to be. Anna Hazare has let the biggest crooks in his backyard go scot-free and executed his righteous indignation on the weak and the backward laborers who in his Bill of Rights are only entitled to Rs 50 for male and 30 per day for female coolies. Forget the gender politics and caste politics. Anna Hazare is a loose cannon and he is more likely to prove a paper tiger .
He is now middle class hero and youth icon. On what solid grounds any right minded person might ask? Hence the title. I had in recent posts touched on this nine day wonder as a fable. I also did a cartoon. Beyond this I do not think he holds any interest to me. Let me quote finally a perceptive article I came across by chance:

‘The Anna Hazare phenomenon is what one could term the Rorschach Effect in Politics. A couple of years ago, Barack Obama wisely pointed out, “I am like a Rorschach test.” During his presidential campaign, his supporters saw in him whatever they wanted to: an anti-Bush, a liberal messiah, a pragmatic and non-partisan moderate, and suchlike…’
(ack:http://in.news.yahoo.com/blogs/opinions/rorschach-effect-indian-politics-amit Verma of 21 April)
For those who think he is an unshakeable anchor in a time of organized corruption and communal malevolence he is most likely to be proved as a broken reed.
Moral: Fools who choose a paper tiger to set them on the right path do not deserve anything better.

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