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A Draft Dodger’s Song
The war gets too scary, for my fears are real, (I will not serve)
I have got excuse, for my bone spur foolproof
I never bother with duty that I hate
That is why I am still alive
I  cannot walk miles what with blacks and kikes,
Vi-et-nam theatre is too bloody for me
Like  many other who hate what I hate:
That is why I am still alive.
McCaine likes to be hero, so army makes sense.
Wont serve the cause , but salute the flag
And I definitely won’t fire or crawl with the rest of cadets (Thank-you)
That’s why I am still alive
the lady is a tramp
She gets too hungry, for dinner at eight (I am starving)
She loves the theater, but she never comes late
I never bother, with people that I hate
That’s why this chick is a tramp
She doesn’t like crap games, with barons and earls
Won’t go to Harlem, in ermines and pearls
And I definitely won’t dish out dirt, with the rest of those girls (Thank-you)
That’s why the lady is a tramp
I love the free, fresh wind in my hair
Life without care, oh I’m so broke, it’s old
I hate California, it’s crowded and damp
That’s why the lady is a tramp (I am a tramp)

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The monkey pointed to the spot where the crocodiles had deposited their eggs. Luckily the pairs were away. Urged by the monkey the lumberjack began digging. Quietly the monkey climbed on to the safety of a tree to watch the fun. He saw the crocodiles coming from far. He shouted feigning concern,’Watch out, crocs are here! run for cover!’

Lumberjack had by then realized he was duped by the monkey. However he ran fast. The monkey shouted he was very unfriendly not to thank him for warning danger. My forefathers helped you to feet and now I warn you of danger. The least you could do was thank me!’
Lumberjack said,’Why thank you when my own feet warned me and my feet can outrun danger?’
The end

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Here is abc news: Although it is not apparent on his financial disclosure form, Mitt Romney has millions of dollars of his personal wealth in investment funds set up in the Cayman Islands, a notorious Caribbean tax haven…

As the race for the Republican nomination heats up, Mitt Romney is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a shroud of secrecy around the details about his vast personal wealth, including, as ABC News has discovered, his investment in funds located offshore and his ability to pay a lower tax rate.
“His personal finances are a poster child of what’s wrong with the American tax system,” said Jack Blum, a Washington lawyer who is an authority on tax enforcement and offshore banking.
On Tuesday, Romney disclosed that he has been paying a far lower percentage in taxes than most Americans, around 15 percent of his annual earnings.
Matt Romney is a public figure and everything he says and does is followed around the world with interest. Especially he is emerging as a likely nominee of the GOP. He has made millions in private equity which is not like a blue-collar worker working with grease can and wrench on an assembly line and sweating most of the day. For what? In order to feed himself and his family there is no other honorable way. Work and pay of a worker and the smart Alecs who sit in an office speculating and making money,- in many cases on insider trading, is like comparing an elephant with a weasel.
There is no value system except dollar and the difference shows in the kind of people who rise to the highest office in the realm. America is no exception. You look around and see how a few have their fingers into wealth of the world and the other cannot even get a job even if he is qualified. Add insult to the injury when these few pontificate about serving the people and values. I have heard jackasses bray and now I know they also keep offshore accounts. Nevertheless their patriotism is solid as their fortunes. Only that the working poor is faulted for being poor. The man say an autoworker develops varicose veins after a decade of service and those who have had easy life fault it also because he was lazy.

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Sheol is the place you visit if you want to keep your misanthropy sharpest. Man is such a funny animal who when given a religious persuasion instantly turns himself into a fool. I never thought I would see it again but I could not refuse the Man Upstairs.
Well it happened this way.
The Ancient of the Days called me one day and said,’Yisthak, you know your fellow men. ‘Are they living in peace, tending their own flocks?’
Yisthak replied,’See I spoke of peace and look what I have got,Lord’
Yes the Lord saw I was more like a sieve than soul.
At that point an angel came and announces that among His nation the ultra orthodox Jews who came from the Eastern empires cannot stomach the Jews who are in the Middle East.
God was amazed,’I wrote my name on their foreheads and do they not appreciate my love and forbearance?’
The angel explained that one group hates the other because they do not consider it evil to watch television or read newspaper of the gentiles.
‘How will I recognize them?’
‘One sect walk on tiptoe and keep their heads peeking at every corner as if they are out to hunt up all those who indulge in worldly pleasures.’
‘Yisthak, good that you left these dogs behind.’
‘But I had to leave behind my family as well’ murmured I.
God wanted to know about the other group. The angel was sure they surprised others by sneaking on their behinds. They are out to sniff those who ate pork and such unclean meats.
‘Oh they can decide who is holier than the other?’
Oh Lord of Unspeakable name, these people do much worse. and they do it all in your name!’
So Ancient of the Days went to the earth accompanied by me. He saw the nation that he had in His mind and who they really were entirely incompatible.
God walked the entire length and breadth of His nation. Not one could notice His presence. His shekina glory was missed out by all. The two ultra orthodox Jews were either walking on tip toe because of their own holiness or sniffing the backs of others in order to prove they were superior in the matter of diet. God said, ‘Yisthak, I am sorry that I sent you to the earth in the first pace.’
I bowed and said,’I thank you, Lord this visit made me realize that I no longer need worry about what they do. ‘

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In the Middle Ages Rufus the Robber King wanted to make his kingdom grander than all other kingdoms of Europe. He asked Pope Weasel I for his blessings. Having got it  he rounded up all Jews and on pain of death he made them cough up their wealth. The Pope said,’it is tainted, blood is all over your hands.’ So he suggested a way to make his sins disappear. A series of Crusades was the result. Accordingly the king went to war with the infidels for the glory of God. He robbed all the way to Jerusalem and raped women and put every Moslem he could find to sword. Rufus the Robber King saw to that none lived to tell the carnage and wanton destruction he had unleashed in his wake. The Church prospered and Robber King made his kingdom preeminent among all European kingdoms. Having made Europe a graveyard the king ordered a day of great rejoicing. Throught the kingdom church bells rang and in the great Cathedral King Rufus XII and and members of the royal house gathered to offer thanks to God. Great bells pealed while the choir sang Te Deum. Such joy reverberated throughout the kingdom was only matched by bitter wailing from cottages where women lost men or and mothers their sons.

There arose great many who had been watching the kings who had amassed greater power and wealth. When they piously declared God as the cause for their glory the skeptics said,’God is dragged through mud by rascals. Now God has become their accomplice!

It was indeed so. God became a synonym for every evil that these blackguards let loose. Sure enough churches became empty and places for Saturday night revels.

Soon enough the Royal House of Albion had to go into war with the House of Watercress over a trifle. King Rufus was certain God was on his side. Whereas King Baldwin of Watercress knew God was on his side. After these two kingdoms decimated each other the remaining made peace guaranteeing peace in their life time. But as they went their own ways they were met by brigands who were determined to string them up from every tree.

‘Why we never hurt you or robbed you.’ cried they. They replied,’ We are people of the forests and most of us live in caves. Peace of our forefathers echo now with ‘war’. How can we live in peace when every tree murmurs, ‘avenge us?’

‘Having disturbed the peace of our gods and ancestors do you pretend that you are innocents?’ the brigand chief asked them.

Both Royal Houses, whoever left of these knelt down and prayed ‘God Help us!’

But no help came.


*God is Truth. He does not take sides for good or evil. Yet He has set in motion the events to play with reference to Truth. He has left His Word, prophets and Nature to teach us how to live our lives. The Royal Houses of Albion and Watercress had made war so often to make every one confuse the good and evil. Worse still it blighted the very Nature. The very emblem of God is in Truth that Nature testify even though it is a mirror image.

Nature abhors falsehood. It demands satisfaction.

*We call God’s help for satisfying our petty, and sometimes ignoble wishes. Nature is the mirror of God. Our nature included. If our nature cannot live in peace with one another one may be pretty sure it will compromise environment and nature in general.


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There are those who swear by Truth and yet like some witnesses who lay their hands on the Bible only to perjure. They cannot help it. They are habitual offenders. Is religion guilty of such a crime?
Was Moses deceived when he saw the burning bush or obeyed the voice that said, ‘… put off thy shoes … for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.
Truth which is enshrined in the soul of man must be matched by his material nature. While Religion merely speaks in terms of absolutes it fails when one looks at the manner it is put into practice.  Moses’ confrontation with God is a turning point in his life. He became the spokesman for Him. The prophet who speaks for the Highest may have had some genuine religious experience. The founder of Islam also had similar experience. Whether it is a projection of his soul in symbols or in a pure material plane cannot be settled. So let us leave Moses and Prophet Muhammad to their ‘moments of glory’.

In the life of Moses the burning bush was one such. Is it possible for Soul to set such a ‘picture show’ by which a man like Moses would overcome his ‘slow of speech and slow of tongue?’
Soul as I described in the beginning of this section has access to truth as an individual has hold on his wakeful and dream state. Man who can think so rationally and give considered opinions on his moods or state  of mind does not lose control of himself even when he is dreaming. His REM merely reveals he is witnessing certain images. Soul knows much more than you may care to admit. Hence you feel sense of guilt or bad conscience.
Our dream state transcribes our private hopes, fears in symbols. Truth cannot be laid aside whether we experience life in wakeful or dream state. Only that rational beings that we are we do not give the same emphases to what we undergo in two states of being.
Inherent weakness of religion is that man invariably latches on to one part and disregards the rest. Hypocrisy is the trail of one who makes such cut and paste job of  Truth. A hypocrite has so many tricks in his bag and each trick is, alas half truth.
God showed a spot of earth and he asked Moses to remove his shoes. The place where Truth speaks to our soul is a holy ground. There can’t be a place on earth that can be excluded since ‘Earth and the fullness thereof belongs to God. What does religion tell you? That Jerusalem or Mecca is the holy place? Those who consider Jerusalem as city of peace show no qualms of leveling Gaza Strip to powder. Hypocrites come in the guise  of religious leaders in order to commit murder and mayhem and such deserve no consideration. Their religion is riddled with lies and blasphemy.
Tailpiece: the word saunter is derived probably from Middle English santren to muse. To my purpose the word Sant terre is more apt: holy earth. When you saunter you are not driving a Caterpiller or some other earth cutting machine at breakneck speed to denude an entire rainforest before lunch so you have made some extra profit for the day.

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Moral sense is the spontaneous act of generosity,- and it comes on its own volition in response to a need felt, to leave one’s immediate surrounding a better place than he or she found it. Charity begins at home. What is the use of seeking other worlds when you have let this world a bit worse by neglect? If you have neglected this world and made it much worse than before who shall trust you in the worlds to come? Such religion that lulls you to complacency and indifference is a patched up job by some mad man. Preaching is far easier than setting an example for no other reason than a need felt and satisfied.

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