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Man for whom abstract thinking is natural can always latch onto an idea, however impractical it may turn out in the end. Like the hero of Cervantes ideas turn always, blades one blowing this way and another in that way. History is such ideas creating a blur that only a fool would want to claim his idea is the best.

There is nothing heroic about taking on impossible if it is going to end in wholesale bloodshed. See the savage butchery recently perpetrated by the so called Daesh. They imagine they would thereby revive a Caliphate. Earlier  Joseph Stalin sent some millions to gulags and to death for creating a Worker’s paradise. How did it fare?

We only need consider Lenin’s idea of a Worker’s paradise when the Bolsheviks violently over threw the Tsarist regime. It was similar to a theocratic state John Calvin ushered in Geneva several centuries before. It did not work in Europe then; neither did it in Soviet Russia. Ideas are fine but man cannot stick to it all the way through. Did not the Allies set about ridding the post-war world of Totalitarian ideology? Nuremberg, the German city associated with the pageantry which the Nazi regime staged as they climbed to power was a potent symbol for the German nation. The Allies was sending a message loud and clear to the world. Nuremburg Trials was to be a show trial but as the legal process went about its rounds there was a perception among the Western powers that Soviet Union was the Threat that they needed to thwart. After all did not they dismantle the Nazi apparatus root and all? The US saw to that scientists who had helped Hitler’s war efforts were smuggled out to their country under Operation Paperclip*. V2 rocket program soon would provide the nucleus for the space war that came in play in the 60s. It was not surprising that the Trial of the century evaporated in the hustle and bustle of meeting the Cold War in offing.

Man has capacity to develop an idea like a Nuclear bomb to bring the WWII quickly to a halt. Neither his foresight and hindsight do match evenly. Of this we see even now. The Allies are at presented seized of the fact the Jihadi elements may lay hands on a dirty nuclear bomb. It has been thus progress that man cobbled up in the many innovations, has fared. Progress without exception has proved false.

Man is loath to turn 180 degrees from an idea, to which he has sold himself as well in which his experience also gives him certain pointers. Though failed in practice he trusts in his own power to pull it off. After the demise of the Imperial Rome, under Constantine the Great and Charlemagne (the Holy Roman Empire) the idea has been tried; Under Mussolini it was revived to no avail. Each idea and those who stake their legitimacy on its basis must cope with changed circumstances. In France the Second Empire under Napoleon III was a fiasco. He did not anticipate the revolutionary spirit of Europe and emergence of Germany under Bismarck. The events across the globe never stand still but like group waves negotiate with new ones where energy is passed around. Who shall cash in on these transactions by means of war, religion and cultural trade off remains to be seen. Pagan Rome under Constantine underwent a sea-change. Christianity became the state religion. The split between Rome and Constantinople as a result of political upheavals, became further weakened: The Church of Rome and the Greek Orthodox Church of the East would no longer come as one due to the  doctrinal differences. At present the idea of Caliphate like the idea of Imperial idea of Rome is doomed if lessons of history are of any guide. Cashing in on the demise of an old order of Byzantine Empire the hordes of Saracens, Moors and Arabs created a Caliphate that died its natural death. Those who are beating the dead donkey shall soon know what it is to stop the tide engulfing them from all across the globe.


* Operation Paperclip (1949–1990) was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program in which more than 1,500 German scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the United States from Nazi Germany and other countries for employment in the aftermath of World War II. It was conducted by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) and in the context of the burgeoning Cold War. One purpose of Operation Paperclip was to deny German scientific expertise and knowledge to the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, as well as to inhibit post-war Germany from redeveloping its military research capabilities. The Soviet Union had competing extraction programs known as “trophy brigades” and Operation Osoaviakhim. (ack:wikipedia)



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Reading makes a full man;…and writing an exact man.

Between reading and writing is a black hole where mind must take over.

In my youth I found so many traits homegrown, also in the great lives I read; there were similarly many cultures I could lay claim as my native soil. Is it possible? I read Aesop and I could write in same style some animal stories that steadily improved with life experience.  Conclusion: Mind is all.

I presume there is Cosmic mind to which our mind cannot be strangers. Each of us taps from mother lode what one may. Some extract gold some, copper so on. Mind provides template for our experience.

How one puts his experience real and imagined must provide clues to some inner dynamics. Style is how and why is yet another.


If one were to write using Aliens as characters, memory from Mind is recalled (imagination) which life experience gives semblance of truth.

Dreams are not alien to universal mind where experience of human race must deposit as silt in a winding river. Unconscious mind devises symbols.

During REM sleep eyes move, which must alert us brain activities are of different kind. What can the dreamer see with eyes closed but Mind?

Flame of a candle will go out if O2 isn’t present. When came this knowledge but a virtual consciousness in material world?

Nature would be impossible if it did not establish order where both prey and predator observe ground rules so species may thrive.

Nature instills balances and checks to keep continuity of life not for its glory. It merely paraphrases from Mind certain home truths.


Where order is created from calamities, chaos, plague and war Nature is letting a Will that is beyond it to comprehend.

Life means exercise of consciousness of mind that may run on superimposed layers virtual to cosmic consciousness.

By superimposed layers of consciousness, prophets are transported to the throne of God or converse with Archangel Gabriel.

It is where conscious mind of man applies what he wants to read these superimposed layers of consciousness he develops serious flaws. For examples schisms and sects in religions of the world.

Mind of man can grasp Cosmic Mind in certain symbols and signs. Error is when he applies it to a particular case than as a whole.

As in the analogy of black hole between reading and writing, error of man is to miss the true nature of Mind.

Each prophet secures followers for his special revelations drawn from Mind. One lays blessedness in obedience and another on charity etc.,

Science teaches us that black holes are complemented by white holes as matter as anti-matter. We divide Mind, which is whole, an error.


If there is nothing new under the sun for that matter in cosmos by way of ideas whose idea am I quoting; or you for that matter?

Between Spartacus and Spartacists of 1919 Germany there is centuries of social history to give the movement its distinctive flavor. I am subject to time and space while Cosmic Mind (with Memory) is freed from time-space constraints


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‘President Barack Obama told USA Today in an interview published Monday that Republicans led by Mitt Romney have so twisted his record and his words that they may as well be taking on “a fictional Barack Obama.”
In order to illustrate it let me point out to what Clintwood did to an empty chair the other day. It was not just ‘eastwooding’. it was outing one’s bad emotions to another object. Children often play it. They play out their inner most fears and desires using a prop mostly their dolls. Such projections play upon visceral level. Thus the politicians create a figure( as in the case of Norman Bates’ ‘mother’ in Psycho) on whom they can project all their darkest fears.
Look at American history:
Though the new nation was formed the union of 13 colonies hadn’t totally exorcized the perception of Europe from their mind. Europe in their mind meant classicism, traditions and culture. If they would enshrine their founder what pose would they choose but a 12 ton statue of George Washington seated and draped in Roman toga?
When former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld spoke of Old and New Europe he was giving expressions to the idea. He used it in a different context. If Europe didn’t go along with American perceptions on Middle East he would look to new emerging states of East Europe for support. What was Europe in American ethos but an idea?
It was imaginary just as at the turn of the 20th century there existed in the minds of writers and artist the idea of ‘noble savage’. Herman Melville’s unspoilt South Sea was a figment of imagination just as Paul Gauguin would similarly bring to life a dream world that bore no resemblance to French Tahiti.
American critics who dub socialized medicine in Euro countries,- and dub UK for example as ‘nanny state,’ have merely ducked the problem. Instead they have clouded the much vital concern with an ideological smoke screen.
‘Socialized medicine is a term used to describe a system for providing medical and hospital care for all at a nominal cost by means of government regulation of health services and subsidies derived from taxation. It is used primarily and usually pejoratively in United States political debates concerning health care, because of the U.S. culture’s historically negative associations with socialism’. (wikipedia) Thus when the issue of healthcare is on the table what do politicians? They play upon Nationalization or socialized medicine in order to bring out the darkest fears of socialism. The red scare associated with Bolshevism and Russia, in terms of history ought to be laid to rest since the fall of Soviet Russia. But by playing upon the same fear factor by slight alterations here and there the politicans want to get more mileage. It is a ploy for leading the public away from vital interest concerning all.
The days leading to the election time political parties hurl mud on others. They do not want the electorate see their own hands but on whom it is directed.
Tailpiece: Clintwood was not really rambling but speaking to the chair in a way it could understand the actor. If we were none the wiser it is our loss.

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A principle is the ultimate basis for our actions.
The correspondence principle exists on account of the fact same matter is the basis for life forms and our universe. At the level of atoms we are all one. Using material nature as the key we create some semblance of order out of cosmic events. (What we observe in our visible universe provides grist to our intellectual mill.)
Oneness is the template from which we correspond micro cosmos with macro cosmos however infinite it may be. Thus any idea that we tease out of Idea we consider as valid. Being finite and unable to work effectively with Time-Space what scale shall we adopt? Only thing that we can commend for such a measure is that the correspondence principle works. Yes to our time and place.
Thus we hold certain values as constant. Energy is constant. Another is Truth.  Absolutism is what gives our principles its validity. When one says God is our father we draw the conclusion using correspondence principle. Reverence to one who has given life to us is in the fitness of things. Truth is perceived as inherent in such an earthly conduct towards our parents. In Correspondence principle the equation of idea to Idea can only be changed in the idea and not in what is Absolute. A parent as giver of life is an idea so is God as the father. Nevertheless how we let the principle shape our conduct can only change our view of Idea not other way about.

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