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Nearly all of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of only five gases: nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, argon, and carbon dioxide. Several other compounds also are present. Air can contain as much as 5% water vapor.


99% of the mass of the human body is made up of only six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Every organic molecule contains carbon.


Since 65-90% of each body cell consists of water (by weight), it isn’t surprising that oxygen and hydrogen are major components of the body. Hydrogen is a component of the water molecules in the body, as well as most other compounds.Oxygen is necessary for respiration. You will find this element in the lungs, since about 20% of the air you breathe is oxygen.


 Carbon is ingested in food the food we eat and in the air we breathe. Carbon accounts for 18.6% of the total mass of the human body.


Nitrogen is a component of proteins, nucleic acids, and other organic compounds.Nitrogen gas is found in the lungs, since most of the air you breathe consists of this element.


Calcium is a major component of the skeletal system. It is found in bones and teeth. Calcium is a metal. It readily oxidizes in air. Because it makes up such a large part of the skeleton, about one-third of the mass of human body comes from calcium, after water has been removed.The element is incorporated into the bones, combines with other elements including iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. It is necessary for sexual function and reproduction, muscle growth, and to supply nutrients to the nerves.


Potassium primarily is found in the muscles and nerves as an ion. Potassium is important for membrane function, nerve impulses, and muscle contractions.


Sodium is important for proper nerve and muscle function. It is excreted in perspiration.


Chlorine aids in cellular absorption of water. It is the major anion in body fluids. Chlorine is a part of hydrochloric acid, used to digest food. It is involved in proper cell membrane function.


Phosphorus is found in the nucleus of every cell. Phosphorus is part of nucleic acids, energy compounds.


Magnesium is a cofactor for enzymes in the body.Magnesium is needed for strong teeth and bones.


Sulfur is a component of many amino acids and proteins.



In such a chemical cocktail that permeates the air,space and objects I see nothing but form and function. 
Form of man and form of plants thriving in cosmos to be of use to one another is simplicity in itself. We need oxygen and plants need carbon dioxide. In supplying each others needs we have fulfilled our roles that of course is one among many dimensions we run into each other. ‘I think there fore I am.’ In order to know that my brain again  of same substance as in Cosmos, fired up certain electro-chemical impulses. It has no reality outside myself really.

We palaver, chat up to higher-ups and make deals, cut corners,stab backs of each other and are locked up for some 30 years in Louisiana and released because of some lacuna in human justice and, thank God we have showed Law still reigns supreme under the sun. It is much about nothing really.









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One may have several chances to live in many worlds and yet all these worlds shall remain an illusion if you cannot prove what you are really here and now.

Now is the day of salvation!

His Master’s Voice

Jai Paramartha of Kothipalli is a mystic who has figured in a number of my stories. He and his disciples one day came upon a village in distress.  A fire broke out somewhere and was rapidly encircling the village. No wonder while Gampa Guru or Jai Paramartha came there was none who took note of him.  Each one was busy salvaging whatever he could. All their livestock were saved. Nothing remained except a mongrel and it was trapped in a ring of fire.
Though the poor beast howled none came forward to claim him. Gampa Guru asked them why he was left out.
One said that they saved only those who were of some use.
“ That mutt dropped in our midst uninvited. Besides in previous birth he must have done things worthy of the fate which he faces now.”
The disciples however brought the dog to safety. The animal upon seeing Gampa Guru ran up to him and rolled about his feet. The master bent to him while the dog growled low into his ears. Villagers were curious and wanted to know what was the mutt whispering into his ears. He answered that the dog came as their guest to find out how many of them would in next birth end up as he.
When they seemed skeptical he shrugged his shoulders and said: “ If you don’t believe me ask him yourselves.”
•    If life does not here and now teach you to respect life of another, reincarnation of trillion births is useless exercise.

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