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‘ O Jinn I would not hear of the calf. I said to my cousin wife,’I shall not sacrifice the calf’ To which she jumped on me like a mad woman heaping scorn on me,’You are no man to satisfy me. I ask for a simple favor and yet you cannot do it. I shall spare you O Jinn my feelings, and the devil of a woman who bore me down with all her venom. In the end I assured that for the feast there shall be plenty of meat to go around. I went to the stall where the calf was tied and the calf began to cry piteously as though it had known the fate of the heifer.
The calf came timorously to me and rubbed its head .My heart melted. Looking up I saw my cousin wife and her eyes blazing with hatred.
(to be continued)

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The merchant was most perplexed by the sound. Then there was a rustle behind the bushes and a whirlwind which before the terrified eyes of the man abruptly came to end. Instead there stood a jinn who had a lifeless form of a baby. Without any preface he shrieked,’blood for blood It is only fair! I want revenge!’

Many times the merchant tried to find words. Words silently died. He merely rolled his eyes and his legs seemed to quiver. It took a while for the merchant to repeat like an idiot,’Revenge! I only ate some dates.’
‘Aha!’ screamed the Jinn, ‘Did you not flick the stones, you Kaalb!
Before he could make sense of the words the Jinn had his scimitar out and he said,’ You killed my baby, I want revenge!’

The merchant sighed and made prayers all the while feeling his life was about to depart from him.
(To be continued)

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