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This sketch is among three which I did today. Here is Virgin Mary in the house of Elizabeth who having received her cousin is back to her chores. Here she is watching while her help does the washing. You can see the courtyard and service yard.

Mary cries “Holy is his Name”  It is part of Bible Truths in pictures


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Bruno-apron strings

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‘Jamie for once you brought me fresh bread. I owe you thanks.’

Thank, Grandma, Noddle for that. He came on a blue moon.’

‘Ah at least I live to eat bread fresh as it come’, said Grandma directly sitting down to dine.2.1.13

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Time has come. Noddle the Water Spirit come to collect Aunt Doris. It was left to Jamie the water rat to stop…


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“Catch me if you can!” So said the gingerbread boy to the old couple who stood there with mouths agape.

running gb

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“You mean that mountain isn’t real?” asked young Googool amazed at the monk’s words.

Scan 234

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