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Thoughts on Moscow Cloud
In what seems a rerun of Independence Day, a pale gold halo was observed over the Russian capital city’s Western Dt. on  last Wednesday. Meteorologists have concluded it as an optical effect, ‘Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west – this is how the effect was produced.’
We always want a logical explanation from what phenomenon say a rainbow or twister we see. But can we always reduce everything into cut and dried; or put away into pigeon holes? Flashing lights noticed in the sky or any other just because defied a simple explanation gave rise to far more bizarre ideas: UFO, alien abduction etc. We have never for once unearthed a foolproof evidence to support these.
There are two groups of people when it comes to the idea of exobiology or life on other planets. On one hand we do not accept the progress we as species achieved on our collective endeavors. This group cannot imagine man could achieve worthwhile since he is merely a cut above his ape ancestors. So his achievements owe to active help from some super-intelligent Aliens. Number of books have been written and lapped up by so many. Why so? We want to believe in something. OK pyramids are Alien- made to house men who, as X-rays reveal, were merely pharaohs in name and suffered from TB, Marfan’s syndrome,  bad teeth and so on.

Rest of us fall in the other group that foresees conquering other worlds and colonizing these. Here also I see wishful thinking overtaking good sense. We haven’t conquered ourselves or our silliness. Who shall hand over kingdoms to us, some microbes or Aliens? Despite my skepticism we may still learn to reach outer planets by some technological marvel. But would we behave as gods or as men? My skepticism opts for the latter. We may even learn to become robots. That reminds me of a fellow who was sent by his father do medicine and ended up as a butcher’s assistant in some meat packing factory.

We, coming to think of it, are funny creatures. The more chance we have to be rightly informed in this internet age, we are dying from misinformation. A symptom of this is the number of conspiracy theories we have to wade through at every turn.

Strength of two individuals coming together produces synergy and it grows exponentially. Thus one plus one is numerically two. But what they can achieve is however of a different league.
Having said the above in the interplay of several nations, tribes, individuals what is run off is progress, which is unlike anything that existed before. Somewhat like Moscow Cloud.


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