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Light and water happen to combine in just the right way to paint a beautiful natural picture. The point I want to make here is that it is not a rainbow that exists in the sky outside your position or your vision. It is personal and as though Nature gave its visiting card to you personally.
Each individual raindrop disperses white sunlight into its component colors. So why do we see wide bands of color, as if different rainy areas were dispersing a different single color? Because we only see one color from each raindrop.
When one raindrop disperses light, only the red light exits at the correct angle to travel to the observer’s eyes. The other colored beams exit at a lower angle, so the observer doesn’t see them.
The second Raindrop is much lower in the sky, so it doesn’t bounce red light to the observer. At its height, the violet light exits at the correct angle to travel to the observer’s eye. All the drops surrounding this raindrop bounce light in the same way. The raindrops in between the first and the second all bounce different colors of light to the observer, so the observer sees the full color spectrum. If you were up above the rain, you would see the rainbow as a full circle, because the light would bounce back from all around you. On the ground, we see the arc of the rainbow that is visible above the horizon.

In similar fashion each dream and vision whenever it may visit you holds a plane that is only relevant to you. It may be everyday occurrence what James Joyce would describe as ‘epiphanies’ where the common place has become endowed with special significance.
What we need to remember is that every life form is unique as distinct from another. We tend to speak of ciphers, John Doe, the nameless zeros who are merely considered as ‘cannon fodder’ conceal truth. We are individuals and I am as good as any other. Isn’t it very strange that some can never feel at ease or secure except when he is part of a group? If I support a government it is because I choose to do so. If I whistle blow over some covert act of the government I am expressing my refusal to be part of an immoral act of the few.


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