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Divine Will- the Inner Eye

Life of the senses has spread the feast sure

Each takes his fill and thinks the world as fair:

But in death earth has her treasures laid out

True heirs we are, bereft of senses there.


Under God’s benign eye we may see His rich treasures through His eyes. What makes any one think his eyes are better than that of his maker?” b


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Physical eyes look at the world and how they see makes a difference. Eyes looking at the fashions of the world want to be in the swim of things. Physical eye for the physical world. It is a great compromiser while the inner eye is what one directs at the Immensities where no speech is necessary and one is at rest being in the centre of Immensities. More important it is to know oneself as one really is. Prophet Isaiah in his vision saw he was man of corrupt speech and unworthy to speak the message from the Lord.(Is.6:5) A seraph brought a hot coal to clean his unclean lips. He sanctified it. Sanctified in the sense he was separated from his everyday circumstances as a householder and a member of the community,to bring the message God had for his people.
We are to play many roles being part of the society we live in. As writer,artist, Congressman, delivery boy or whatever and we have our own inner lives as well. The public life sometimes can swallow up the vital and better part of us. It is what I call tyranny of the mean over the solid (cf.Wilde)*. Xanthippe terrorized her husband, poor Socrates, justifiably so, for in her eyes he did not bring home the bacon, oil and grapes as she wished. In her eyes he was a good for nothing busybody chatting his life away.( By the way he had served the state as a good citizen and took part in the wars.) Where do you draw a line then? Our lives should be built on the base,- that the seen world is all that we have, and therefore our present lives must be enriched from the depths it rests on. This physical world is the only real for you and for the world around you which is not a small thing. How do you contribute to its increase?
Jesus says.’If thine eye be evil, thy body shall be full of darkness.. ‘Mt.6:23
Being at the centre of Immensity your inner eye is set there for a purpose. You could be renewed if you use your physical eyes and the inner eye properly. So it is smart to view your material world in a better light. Going through life merely as a bystander looking on is discredit to your intelligence. And without benefit.
*‘The worst form of tyranny the world has ever known the tyranny of the weak over the strong. It is the only tyranny that lasts’.(The Soul of Man Under Socialism-Oscar Wilde)

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