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Up  in the north in a castle lived a baron who had everything he could wish for. His estate was so vast one had to ride well and hunt well in order to be at home. Baron Tally-ho was always on horseback joining in hunt with dogs or drinking with cronies after a vigorous workout. Baroness was no less behind him. They were very sportive and muscular, and in pleasure coarse and earthy. They were loved by all.

Their only sorrow was their son who had no interest in hunting nor the pleasures of outdoor life.  Despairing for the boy who spent days curled up in some book, reading or in solving puzzles, his father thought it best to send him out to the world. Baron Tally-ho sent his son Johan to Switzerland to learn something new. One year later he returned with a certificate. A certificate signed by the Dean of the Basle University for Abstruse Languages.  Baron Tally-ho received his son with great delight and asked how did he find life in the open. Johan replied but not a word he could understand. His language was dead and the idea he wanted to convey was very abstruse. ‘This will not do!” said the father with a shudder. He sent him to another university and this time to Paris. One year later he came with his body all carved up. “What came over you son?” his parents queried shocked to their core. The boy spoke in argot and also the language of cut-purses and drunkards. “How dare they carve their names or who branded you with the letter V on both  shoulders?” The parents were aghast. The boy said, he spent the year, with some scapegraces, a hectic year under the shadow of gibbet. “”Our master was none other than Francois  Villon.”

“This is disaster!” thought the parents. Next he was sent far far away crossing the sea to a strange continent. “Honest to God, if Silicon Valley cannot straighten you nothing will”.

One year later the young man came and said whatever was to be learned was in the strange device he brought along.  Thus Johan introduced his parents to the wonderful  world of computing.  
Internet Age it was. Proud parents as soon as they mastered the language said it was abstruse through and through. ” but it is easier to understand than Johan.” After they learned to navigate through Silk Road they said, ” In cyberspace we meet the murderous crew just as our son did in Paris. Well into the age of 600 years they lived never for a moment concerned about outdoor life. Father, mother and the son with their iPads ever after lived cocooned.  

(ack: adapted from Brothers Grimm tale, ‘The Three Languages.”)



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Value Added Days

From too much love of texting,
From spams and bots set free;
We thank with brief thanksgiving
Whatever info we access,
We are glut with useless sites
That make even a chat with man
In real time, and of any news
Add value to time spent. (The Garden of Proserpine-Swinburne)


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