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Katsushika Hokusai , (Japanese, 1760-1849)

Edo period

Ink on paper

H: 49.8 W: 73.2 cm( the Smithsonian collection)


5438ce750e4a460238d26922232a0575(Cranes are from Pinterest)

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Two Frogs ©

Mr. Frog from Osaka thought sixty years was enough to know his city inside out. He lived by a ditch but made it a point to catch up with hustle and bustle of the city.
Daily he walked up to Bay View from where he had the best view of the sea. On his way home he was sure to stop in front of the shop where his grocer always had something fresh and allowed him credit. Grocers like everywhere are proud of their wares. The grocer in Osaka was no exception. Urging him to sample his wares all fresh produce he would proudly announce that they were brought from Kyoto. Later he would call on the Mayor and when asked for news, the Mayor was sure he was neck deep in civic affairs.
Mr. Frog was sure the Mayor ought to do something about it. The Mayor said with a touch of regret that he wished he could take a holiday. It invariably brought him to ask politely, ‘Hon’ble Mayor if you had a chance where you would spend your holidays?’ Mayor was certain, ‘Kyoto, of course! I would like to go around the gardens attached to the palace of the Mikado’ Mr. Frog was impressed. Everyday he heard something or other about Kyoto. ‘Kyoto must be the most famous city,’ he concluded.
One morning he announced, ‘I shall visit Kyoto.’ By evening he was on the road. He hopped along and wondering all the strange sights and sounds that he would sample there. He was excited and was ready to write down all that were totally new and he hoped perhaps on return he might write an account of his adventures in Kyoto.
Meanwhile another frog much younger and eager to experience new sensations was heading from Kyoto. His destination was Osaka. He heard Osaka was a Port where ships touched from all over the world. He heard of the clubs that catered to sailors who had money to spend. ‘Dancing and drinking went on into the wee hours’ he was told.

Seeing one from Osaka Mr. Frog from Kyoto bowed and asked the elder frog where he was heading. Older Frog returned his salutations and said he could not let another day go without sampling the delights available in Kyoto.
‘Delights?’ Mr. Frog from Kyoto croaked.
‘Yes! Kyoto is first on my list of twenty things to do before I die’.
Mr. Frog could not believe. ‘Kyoto I have left behind for it isn’t where I want to end my days.’
The older frog was sure that he was mistaken. The younger frog insisted that he knew what he was talking out. ‘There is nothing in Kyoto that is as good as Osaka.’
The older frog was sure ‘Kyoto has everything Osaka didn’t have’. The younger of the two said Kyoto was a dump compared to Osaka. Thus they argued till they stopped short. ‘This speaks ill of us to argue with words. Let us have facts’ said the frog from Kyoto. The older frog pointed to a hillock and said ‘We shall stand over there and see the landmarks of our own city.’ The frog from Kyoto agreed.
They hopped and they stood at the top. Holding on to each other ‘You see Osaka by the sea?’ asked the elder Frog.
The younger frog similarly said, ‘My hon’able elder do you not see Kyoto?’
Yes they were thankful the sky was clear. The elder frog picked out the landmarks of his city, ‘There, you see Pizza hut. Don’t you? The red roof and the logo is unmistakable in whole Osaka.’ The frog from Kyoto pointed in the direction he came from and said,’ Kyoto also has one.’

The older frog in his turn pointed out to the giant billboard and said, ’There is McDonalds and across the street do you see KFC?’
The frog from Kyoto had to agree that his city also had all these. They bravely went on pointing out various novelties that had sprung up in their cities.
Abruptly they stopped. Looking rather silly the frog from Osaka,’ I am braving my catarrh and sciatica to see in Kyoto, what stares at me in my backyard.’
The frog from Kyoto felt ashamed, ‘Everyday as I go to work I get my eyeballs full of billboards. How I had wished that some typhoon would clear these ugly sores from my path.’
‘Imagine taking all the trouble to get a load of these in Osaka.’
‘Ditto!’ the elder frog said with feeling, ‘I’d rather keep some illusions left.’ Two frogs politely took leave of one another and returned to their own cities.(Reprinted from Elves Bells)

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If there be hand there must also surely the thought that can draw conclusions from Imagination in manner finite mind of man can understand? What is art but communicating by means of symbols and realities,- superficial at that, between the artist and the viewer. The artist by taking advantage of the texture paint and color draws veil over the viewer’s visual faculties,- and how he opens the window therein is a matter of trust. How the artist has drawn from the immensities and how you deign to follow his insight and art are two different things. Late MF Hussain of India drew Mother India according to his vision and some busybodies saw nakedness ‘ Abominable!’ they cried. They hounded him out of India while those who could have put a stop to the vandalism did nothing. (Just as they didn’t prevent the Babri Masjid demolition.)
Reality of our physical universe is not beyond our ken although emphasis you and I place may vary. Reality is how we translate Imagination into the context of time and place in which we transact realities in a meaningful manner.
Our imagination has grasped essentials of Imagination. If we have celestial tones ringing in our ears and put it down by means of musical notations we are giving the reality a scope it never had before. How good or bad it is must be judged musically and not by intention or any other means. A Mozart or Bach has felicity of expression that makes anyone hearing it to guess whose composition it is. They are unique and their shadows even after a distance of centuries bring to mind as though they were not dead and gone at all. We are reality of an Immense Dream and how we shape it can only be determined as such from our works.
In the Immensities, quintessence of which is indivisible and Absolute we borrow scenery as it were, like Japanese. (In Japan houses are sited taking advantage of the landscape. They borrow scenery so to speak so from where they sit they can enjoy a slice of it. Though they only tinkered with the house Nature has come along freely to raise its quality to the nth degree.). Religion, Science, art literature all human enterprises are windows drawn on it and whether it is shut or open quality of Immensities remain unchanged. An atheist scoffing at the Immensities plays the fool since he is the eye of it. He is a fool since he says there is nothing.

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Tainted Money©
The plume from Fukushima nuclear pant became alarmingly dense and lethal. The Ancient of the Days was in council and He had 5 nano sceonds to decide. The angel representing Japan kowtowed before God and said,’ Don’t let it fall on Japan. Already they had been hurt in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.To afflict them once again would be double jeopardy and illegal.’
‘It’s true.’God was sure that Japan should be spared from it.
One angel who acted as the devil’s disciple said,’ But nuclear leak creates a cloud and it must break on somewhere.’
God created a tornado out of it. Instantly the angel representing the USA complained, ‘ No Lord,’ said he,’ our land has become a dustbowl already. Send it somewhere else.’
God thought and said, ‘Great.’ He converted all that pestilential nuclear cloud into rain and it had to go somewhere.
The Council quickly concluded:’There must be someone who cannot resist a bargain and shall do anything to get it all free’.
Meanwhile on the earth a man suddenly woke up and said ‘Free!’
Much of the day he thought over it and went to a giant tree and cut it down. Sure enough he found a hoard of gold coins. Hauling it home he went into business.
‘Goldstein & Co, Bankers.The Corporate heads were from all across the globe. Isidor the President and his CEO a Turk knew they held all the aces.
There was a credit crunch going on. And the gold held by the Banking house was like water from a bottomless well. The Bank was sure that they could charge interest as high as he could go. They specialized in financing wars wherever it occurred across the globe. People saw how lavishly the bankers lived and none asked their source. None drew a parallel with the countries and the money they had at their disposal to decimate the population before time. No country ever thought of peace but money and power that war brought to it.

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WASHINGTON – Japan’s nuclear crisis is spiking demand in the U.S. and a few other places for a cheap drug that can protect against one type of radiation damage — even though the risk is only in Japan.
Yesterday it was over the cold war. Stockpiling of nuclear arsenal by the US and Russia triggered a cry:’bunkers for every home a smart investment’ and some cashed in on fear of people. Now who is running all the way to the bank smelling like roses, I wonder.
I met John Doe today and he said his muscles sprained lugging a jar full of potassium iodide. He only has to fear of the excesses that his fear brings about.

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