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The grasshopper burst out laughing. It saw how the ants sweated. ‘There is no winter coming .You are storing for nothing’.The grasshopper said with a smirk,’ Global warming is a sure fact.’ The grasshopper had all the latest figures. It somersaulted and made fun of the rest. It flung at the ants,’You foot-soldiers toil to no purpose. Work your butts off so much it affects even that ant-size brain!’ The ant asked,’ Don’t you work as a matter of duty to other workers?’ ‘Why should I?’ ‘ I have my wealth spread around so I can cut a figure.’ It checked its pocketbook and said, ‘every minute some where around the world I am accumulating interest on my investments’. Ants by then had worked for the season and they filed into their hideout so they might pass the winter.
As the grasshopper predicted flash-floods occurred, but elsewhere around the world. Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupted but it went past the ants who were well hidden from its ash flow. It so happened the grasshopper received reports how its assets in South America were wiped out by a Junta that was for nationalizing the foreign companies. The law recently passed at home made outsourcing impossible and its industrial plants were brought to standstill owing to calamities abroad. The flow of raw materials dried up and machinery on lease became idle. The banks began to slap penal interest for defaulting. In the face of mounting difficulties the grasshopper felt like Job of old.( to be concluded.)

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