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3 Day 1


A characteristic of life forms in context of its nature is order. Green algae form the basis of Arctic food chain. The March Sun that filters through the Arctic Sea helps their growth and they form the staple diet for the Arctic carp; ring seals survive the extreme Arctic cold by feeding on these carps. Polar bears survive in turn by preying upon the seals. Basis for any food chain is the ability of life forms to anticipate events. It is not merely from observing but also from experience of the past.

This order is an acknowledgement Truth. Life element is the impetus generated from interaction of life form based on this. It is possible only because every life form acknowledges a trade off by which one gives up certain gains in order for the larger issues. Snowy owls limit their brood in times of scarcity.


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  1. Day 6


Man and nature. Context of each bears on the other but it does not shape truth of other. Truth the Absolute must remain outside systems that hold their interaction going.


2 Day 7


A musical note for example middle C on a piano has regular vibrations at a rate of 262 per second. Suppose a humming bird could reproduce the same note would it make a piano is same as a humming bird? The truth of a bird defined by the form defines its integrity to be confused for anything else.




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2 Day 4


Remember the face-vase drawing? One may conclude the face, as its centre while another would give the vase his focus. It explains how Trotsky and Stalin in Soviet Union clashed over future of Communism as a movement from their ideological position. How each life form lays emphasis is possible but truth one applies is arbitrary. This ought to warn us that understanding itself has an inherent problem.

Human brain is still evolving and is not infallible.


2 Day 5


Pointillism is an art movement making use of the science of optics by which colours from many small dots placed so close to each other does differently than individual colours do. Psychology of vision explains how mind perceives than reality. This is the same way computer screens work today. The pixels in the computer screen are just like the dots in a Pointillist painting.


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  1. Day 2


Considering finite nature of life form the centre of imagination is not as one circumscribes a circle about a point geometrically. Line of development from that point is a matter of understanding and it shall settle everything else secondary to it. Thus St Francis of Assisi would renounce wealth of his father as Alexander of Macedon set out to conquer kingdom to give an expression to greatness that he understood as due.


  1. Day 3


Understanding and how each life form pursues it gives relevance only to the life form. It has to negotiate with other life forms similarly engaged in being relevant. Extinction of the wingless Dodo owed to many circumstances working against it.

Relevance of life form is bound up in context of others. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin spent his lifetime to create a Worker’s Paradise in Russia through the 1917 Bolshevik revolution. But he could not prevent the movement he spearheaded morph into Personality Cult under his successor. Truth of an ideal on which he laid his all is not Truth. It is what life and truth of action ought to mean.


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Death of stars contributes to elements that make up our body. So how truth of living bears relation to Truth must necessarily hold a corresponding relationship with death. There is a limit to our understanding. However Truth must be the basis on which any system life, death, ignorance and knowledge can be held as one; where various facets have several purposes but in their organization would look to Truth as the basis. Consequently how life of a form pursues truth, which is different from what the system itself represents.


Three equilateral triangles when connected to erect a tepee the fourth side forming the base reveals the nature of Truth, a model set up by interaction of facets. Synergy makes transactional truth of any organization from one facet as incomplete. Synergy explains how the tepee (result of three equilateral angles) helped produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

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Living among other species of life forms does give us certain clues but truth of living is not necessarily same as truth of death.


Procreation of species by two individuals presupposes a want, a sense of incompleteness in either. Man and woman know truth of living, truth of which when applied to death shows how inadequate it is because no one has experienced and come back to tell us. Truth of experience.


Truth of living is inadequate as truth of non-being. Life forms live and die; but some life forms do not die in the sense we speak of humans. A tree lives long and in its fossilized state it still exists where it sprung from. It is however incomplete representation of the former.

Geologists have found that some of the larger upright fossil trees (found within Carboniferous coal-bearing strata) showing evidence of regeneration after being partially buried by sediments.

Living for a life form signifies its growth in stages or dissolution as part of a process we call as death. It cannot be true and false at the same time. Both must bear some relation to an Absolute- Truth.


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When society is taking a severe beating and old moral values are thrown as rubbish, do we pretend we are untouched by what happens about us? Or do we burrow into the huddled masses and hope for a miracle? Ignorance is bliss but that cannot save us. In one man’s loss lay some one else gain. (Poor Hillary. Her loss is gain for the one who occupies the WH.) I did not mean of those at a cut above. Ordinary people like us  who achieved a certain comfortable standing in life advanced while unknown to us quite a few fell back. I can remember a few who started with me in primary school and those who did not make it. Do we have anything to do with it? Directly no. Yet the social forces that helped us did not help them. Some vulnerable school mates settled for whatever they could pick up. That is fact of life in which they were helpless as indifferent we were since we were occupied with our own progress in life.

Whenever we tend to worry about our safety and security we need to see some monsters are out there shaped by tragedies while we survived. In my own case my trust in God gives me certain assurance: whatever happens it can only touch my body or material circumstances. ‘A thousand shall fall at thy side, and  ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” We need not tempt God using this as a guarantee. If it is God’s will let it be so. If a saint of God should perish he shall be ever with the Lord.” That is our strength. In whichever case we should be watchful we do not edge out others because they are weaker or less privileged than us.  Whether up or down we are all brothers at arms and we do not sell our souls for some privileges that do not define us, really.


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