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My sense of wonder even as I approach the very wrong side of sixties has not lessened. Seventy is like a sudden drop in the landscape and approaching it I haven’t reigned in my beast but dug my heels saying Tallyho! I have never got on top of a horse but I can feel still imagine what it is like. I am not a fancier of horseflesh but I can really understand horseplay. It is imagination pure and simple.
I was brought about up in many places where life went about in its humdrum fashion. Thrissur, Kozhikode(Calicut), Alleppey, Kollam( Quilon) are merely points on the map of my life but are starting points to exercise my life in my imagination take to wings. My eldest brother is still so rooted to Kerala whereas I am utterly indifferent to its culture and arts. Even as I first learned to read stories of Aesop, Homer appealed to me much more than Mahabharata. I have wondered often how I could trace my path as though I knew well beforehand the path I should take, everything that one would say was alien culture. I first traveled outside India when I was 46. It was as though I would be testing the veracity of my impressions I had gathered from reading.
I crawled through museums and listened to music that titillated me by its strange rhythms, color and strangely I was at home there and then. I knew I was vindicated and also finished all the more rounder to accept my Indian as natural and nothing to feel disquiet about. I am a citizen of the world in my imagination and while the sun warms my skin (browned by the Indian Sun) there is something familiar and kinship. I am thankful that life has made me quite at home whether under the sun or under the shade.My friends of my youth are still mine to keep and I can converse freely with my friends in the spirit and enjoy their art as though they were right by my side.
Greatest companions of my life and age are accidental and are held close as with hoops of steel by some chance that I took early on.
Straws in the wind can well break the boredom that life brings in every life if properly applied. At least it worked in my case.


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