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Mulla Nasruddin came out after hearing Friday prayers and he saw the Old Man of the Mountains standing right at the foot of the broadsteps.
The mulla knew he was bad, notorious and he was recruiting more assassins for his cause.
Mulla had an earful of the Imam who exhorted for the festive week. ‘The same old pedestrian stuff,’he was thinking as he came down the steps. To see one looked what the cockroaches had left as unpalatable,- and he was giving him a toothless smile, made him shiver.
The Old man said in a whisper: ‘One look at you I knew I found my man.’ Mulla Nasruddin said nothing.
Old man of the Mountains said,’All you need to do is chew weeds and get high. Then you shall see mad dreams and see kaffirs even if they are mouthing Koran.’
Mulla Nasruddin brightened up and said,’Mad dreams did you say? I could do with one for a change’.
He followed the old man to his lair and heard his dream for a new order. Then he followed him to the plains. At one place Mulla Nasruddin saw a big crowd ahead. They were all beggars. The Old Man stopped. He pointed to the venerable Mussulman who was handing out dirhams left and right and he said,’Here is a kaffir!’
Mullah asked,’You mean he is a kaffir?’
Old Man nodded. Pushing weeds he ordered Mulla to smoke. Mulla stepped back incredulously,’You mean I have to take these in order to see he is a kaffir?’
‘Yes, you must.’
Mulla obliged him and jumped in ecstasy, ‘I have a dream, I have a mad dream!’ Old Man laughed and said,’How do you feel?’
‘I feel like a king!’ Mulla was elated and with a bounce he had never felt in his years, he ran to the pious man while the old Man madly ran after him urging him,’Kill the kaffir! kill the kaffir!’
Mulla Nasruddin without breaking his stride said,’Kill him ? Kill the one who is giving me a dinar, for nothing? If I play it right I may even get a handful of dirhams!’
When Mulla Nasruddin returned he was cheerful. While passing by the Old Man of the mountains he murmured only for him to hear, ‘I am part of his mad dream. I never kill him for that! With hashish or without.’
He went home feeling rich.

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