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For those who believe God as the creator an eccentric is the left handed image of God. The good side was engaged elsewhere, obviously. For those who think evolution has led us this far I can explain an eccentric as one who is an exception to the rule. In the gene pool of mankind eccentrics are copy of some aberration or mutations that are not as interesting as the manner they conduct their lives. In my school days I came to read of the father of Sir Antony Eden (of Suez Canal fame).Sir Anthony Eden’s father it is said,looked at the barometer that read sunny weather. Outside it was raining cats and dogs so he tore the barometer off the wall and threw it out saying,’See for yourself, fool!’ Ever since I thought England was noted for nobs and eccentrics. I looked to the east and what do I find but eccentrics, not to mention the similar motley crew of knaves,fools and mendicants. I found quite a few worth mentioning here..
Al-Mahdi of the Third Abbaside (775-785), father of Haroun al- Rashid
was as eccentric as the best in the West.
Al Mahdi was known for cutting the throats of all his carrier pigeons, making a man dine off marrow and sugar and having snow sent to him at Meccah, a distance of 700 miles.
Abd al-Malik, the seventh Ommiade (715-719) loved to eat. He died after eating at one sitting a lamb,six fowls,seventy pomegranates,and 11 ¼ pounds of currants. He was proud of his looks. He seemed to have said,’Mohammed was the Apostle and Abu Bakr witness to the Truth;Omar the Discriminator and Othman the Bashful,Mu’awiyah the Mild and Yazid the Patient;Abd a-Malik the Administrator and Walid the Tyrant;but I am the young King!’
But these are nothing compared to Omar bin Al-Khattáb (Caliph634-666) whom the Sunnis know as Al-Adil or the Just; whereas the Shi’ites hate his memory for usurping the position of Abu Bakr. He was known for his harshness and austerity. Because of his height the shi’ites have an expression,’This road never ends like the entrails of Omar’. He was the companion of Prophet Mohammed. In fact the Prophet had an expression,’All long men are fools save Omar, and all very short men are knaves save Ali’)
It is said that he laughed only once and wept once. The laugh was caused on recalling how he had inadvertently eaten the dough-gods* of the Hanifa tribe. He cried when he remembered how he buried alive his baby daughter who, while the grave was being dug, patted away dust from his beard and hair.
It is said he lost all his friends for speaking Truth. He was murdered by by Abu Lúlúah alias Fírúz, a slave of Al-Maghírah for denying him justice.
(Ack: Burton’s translation 1001 Nights/Vol.2 -footnote)
*dough gods are made from enucleated dates pressed together like cakes and cut into slices This cake is called ‘Ajwah..
I could go on but this list makes my head reel. Let me get some fresh air and look at my potted plants. It must straighten my spirits out. What do the plants need from you? They require a little sun, water, nutrients. They do not ask much; nor do they kill because of my religion. Sometimes I think I have read too much about whores, fools freaks who may be pointed out for elegance and looks, but these are nonetheless bad company.
Poor or rich I find them arrogant in their own way. Holy or profane do they mend their conduct to show their real worth in deeds others can understand. Oh no!

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In the heart of a forest loggers were sent by a multinational Company. They set up their camp in that remote part intent for a long stay. Their work progressed as the rainforest decreased steadily.
A Monkey one day found his homestead where his forefathers had made home almost gone.The lumberjack who was to fell the last tree told the monkey to move on.

‘No Monkey tricks,’ said the man, ‘where my livelihood is concerned.’
‘Are we not related?’ asked the monkey appealing to him, ‘Didn’t my ancestor help you to your feet when you wanted to walk on two feet?’
The lumberjack waved him away saying, ‘Am I asking you to help me to stand on legs?’ The monkey knew it was useless to make him change. He scampered to safety as the mighty tree shook and the noise of the steady Thwak!’ of the axe made him angry and sad.(to be cont’d)

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They Set My Manhood to Nought ©

They made me a saint
Over ten thousand bodies
Slaughtered on
An article of faith:
I can no more say
I would rather love God
And live with my brethren in peace.
I have become a reproach
A vile turncoat by one act.
They made me a saint
Over ten thousand flowers
Swaying the lilting tune
Of a Spring sunshine;
Now the halo is what hovers
Above my head,
Blinding me for ever
Never more I shall see the tilt
Of a morning glory
From the hedge greet
A man who would saunter
Along God’s holy earth:
I have become a nobody
For god’s little creatures.

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‘Dust to dust and ashes to ashes’ in our common prayer book reiterates the Principle of self- similarity. Nature creates such myriad forms of life, and also gathers up as one substance in which matter is a shade of meaning of synergy.

Light can be both particle and wave. Material aspect of life has similar property where soul as well matter is subject to the imperative of Oneness. Synergy or oneness is the House Rule in the Golden Pagoda and as such all life forms come under the rule. Self-similarity draws it power from it.
A principle defined as the basis for any action and in the case of the Golden Pagoda its definition need to be seen as the ultimate basis.

In order to explain the Principle of Self-similarity the example of the Natilus shell will be useful. Nature lays out its biomechanical limits for life-forms as an engineer would calculate stresses and strength of individual structural members of a bridge or a building and also provide a margin of safety to accommodate most eventualities required.
The Nautilus is a cephalopod, a mollusk that pumps gas into its spiral chambered shell to adjust it buoyancy. The ratio is of each spirals diameter to the next smaller spiral. This ratio is called The Golden ratio, The Divine Proportion, It is equal to PHI = 1.618
Ability of the life forms to rely on basic rules of survival from the self same forces that make Nature creative means each is in conformity with the general principle of the Golden Pagoda. Can the creature tell the creating synergy that ‘I do not believe in whatever is directing your hand?’ Self-similarity is the efficient and aesthetically pleasing outcome of any matter in cosmos. The beauty of a snowflake is no less than the efficiency of a nautilus where both form and function are spliced together as one. In a multi-cellular organism say man sophistication of this self-similarity will naturally vary. Principle is the same. Moral sense of a man who adjusts his own conduct to benefit the maximum is similar to a lion hunting in pairs so their success of rate is higher. Altruism may be guided by selfishness but in furthering chances of others in the group the animals have drawn their lesson the principle of self-similarity.
Man who conforms to the norms of the society may be seeking safety but what value does he ascribe to his soul? He needs to get his act right don’t you think?

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Cosmos is One, Mankind is One
Cosmos is our nursery and within the Golden Pagoda we see that no one is singled out for special favor; neither is there any special dispensation that makes a certain group garner most of the advantages while the rest make do with what is left as best as they can.
Every life form serves a purpose regardless of its size.
Physical law sets miniscule spores and a star like our sun, which is on a gigantic scale on the same standard. It is not in the matter of physical size but where material principle is same. It is consistent. There is a certain consistency in the way it can under pin interaction between the two. Certain species of root fungus (i.e. mycorrhizae) live among plants. Fungus receives carbohydrates and in turn it enhances nutritive intake of the plant. Thus a gigantic red sequoia tree is helped just as the survival of whales depend on the availability of phytoplankton.
Carbon is the basic element of life. It is always on the move shuttling between atmosphere, oceans and land. Plant growth takes large amounts of carbon dioxide out of the air and oxygen is sent out in a natural cycle. This complex web of carbon cycle is built up out of great many interactions simultaneously taking place in the atmosphere, oceans and land.
The more CO2 oceans absorb the more acidic they become posing a threat for the shell building sea-life. The ocean’s deep cold waters hold huge amounts of carbon as much as the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide in the air and the upper layers in the waters move at faster rate than the depths where it may take centuries to hit the bottom. Such imbalances found in the natural cycles but allowed to resolve over great stretch of time must similarly explain in the slow maturing of the fortunes of any nation while some other groups of people seem to benefit from the fruits of civilization sooner than others.
If this cycle were to disappear think of disastrous consequences that would result?


The human body has some 100 trillion cells carrying about ten times as many microorganisms in the intestines. To consider them as part of the body it stretches the credulity of our imagination. But consider the metabolic activities performed by these bacteria and it is so vital that it is called our forgotten organ.( Gut Flora a Forgotten Organ-O’Hara AM, Shanahan F-July 2006) . The microorganisms perform a host of useful functions, such as fermenting unused energy substrates, training the immune system, preventing growth of harmful, pathogenic bacteria, regulating the development of the gut, producing vitamins for the host (such as biotin and vitamin K), and producing hormones to direct the host to store fats. By the same token some species are thought to be capable of causing disease or increasing cancer risk for the host.
Yet considering the useful service they do they are as efficient as an organ but forgotten.

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I Have Been Dreaming, said I ©

I have been dreaming, said I
While my feet touched these cobbled lanes
Not caring if these veered to the river bank
To carry me far where the sea received all,
where galleys with unfurled sails
bided time, adrift by tremulous sign-
Ah the wind was contrary!
The captain swore profanities
At the unspeakable charms cast by
A Dreamer for whom even the wind
Bent her rules a little,
till the dreamer and the dream
Found the cabin and service.
I am the Keeper of the Royal Sun
Abdel- kerim by your leave, said I
To which the Captain bound by an oath
Steered all hands double time.
And the painted ship with ghastly crew
Did swim skirting swells and even when
the land came in view,
And the domes through swirls of dust
Gleamed under roiling heat
I knew I was dreaming.
And the chains that bound my feet
To cold slabs bore drops of sweat
and said I, These stone walls shall
Wear out before my dreams will.
Benny 3 Feb,2012(reprinted from pup of my doggrels-http://byronin.wordpress.com)

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