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What if you have signed a prenup agreement and your marriage bed has begun to smoke?

Elizabeth Cioffi-Petrakis, 39 a Long Island mother of three has become a postnuptial hero, after a prenup nearly cost her everything. In a landmark case she won an appeal overturning a bizarre premarital agreement with her millionaire husband. “This is a landmark decision that will likely be litigated a great deal in the future in similar cases for those who feel their prenups are unconscionable,” says Vicky Ziegler, celebrity divorce lawyer “This is unprecedented in the family law world.”

All the more remarkable is the fact she had no legal help worth an onion. “I won it because I pretty much did it myself,” Cioffi-Petrakis told Yahoo! Shine. “I had three prior attorneys who messed up my case big-time. And I was pretty much dead in the water until I got educated.” To win the case, Cioffi-Petrakis had to prove her husband was a louse who even gave those critters hiding within the woodwork a bad name.

In January, a judge ruled in Cioffi-Petrakis’s favor, finding that she had successfully proven what is called “fraud by the inducement” in a contract. To do that, Cioffi-Petrakis explained, she presented the court with “patterns of behavior” to show that Petrakis “was not honest when he made the promises.”

Moral of the story is this. Marriage is fulfilling requirements of love that is part biological and part spiritual. It is also a risk when two strangers decide to cast their lot and their vulnerable selves unprotected within a space of a marriage bed. There is no room for error. Prenup or not you have to face the music if one of the players want out.

A burning bed does none any good 



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My love would also have me at night
With her in dream than out of sight.
Much as I love her, methinks
It is not right that man must be so married
To dreams as well.

I thought would drive me nuts:
But that night my spouse so far gone
In sleep, and I in misery.
Much as she loves me
It is not right a woman must be so married
To insomnia as well.
Thus I took off alone
Into an insomniacal night:
For three hours my wife was thus free
And unmarried;
She didn’t know her own bliss.
Ah just as well.

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