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‘Dust to dust and ashes to ashes’ in our common prayer book reiterates the Principle of self- similarity. Nature creates such myriad forms of life, and also gathers up as one substance in which matter is a shade of meaning of synergy.

Light can be both particle and wave. Material aspect of life has similar property where soul as well matter is subject to the imperative of Oneness. Synergy or oneness is the House Rule in the Golden Pagoda and as such all life forms come under the rule. Self-similarity draws it power from it.
A principle defined as the basis for any action and in the case of the Golden Pagoda its definition need to be seen as the ultimate basis.

In order to explain the Principle of Self-similarity the example of the Natilus shell will be useful. Nature lays out its biomechanical limits for life-forms as an engineer would calculate stresses and strength of individual structural members of a bridge or a building and also provide a margin of safety to accommodate most eventualities required.
The Nautilus is a cephalopod, a mollusk that pumps gas into its spiral chambered shell to adjust it buoyancy. The ratio is of each spirals diameter to the next smaller spiral. This ratio is called The Golden ratio, The Divine Proportion, It is equal to PHI = 1.618
Ability of the life forms to rely on basic rules of survival from the self same forces that make Nature creative means each is in conformity with the general principle of the Golden Pagoda. Can the creature tell the creating synergy that ‘I do not believe in whatever is directing your hand?’ Self-similarity is the efficient and aesthetically pleasing outcome of any matter in cosmos. The beauty of a snowflake is no less than the efficiency of a nautilus where both form and function are spliced together as one. In a multi-cellular organism say man sophistication of this self-similarity will naturally vary. Principle is the same. Moral sense of a man who adjusts his own conduct to benefit the maximum is similar to a lion hunting in pairs so their success of rate is higher. Altruism may be guided by selfishness but in furthering chances of others in the group the animals have drawn their lesson the principle of self-similarity.
Man who conforms to the norms of the society may be seeking safety but what value does he ascribe to his soul? He needs to get his act right don’t you think?


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