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Dr. Charles Mayo(1865-1939)
The distinguished surgeon of the Mayo clinic once received a letter from a spiritualist. It read, ‘Ever since your late great father passed over, he has been my doctor. What do you say to that?’
Dr. Mayo replied, ‘Fine. Please estimate what my father’s services have amounted to and send the check addressed to me.’
Mayo brothers were reared in medicine while they were reared in farming at a very young age. Once their father DR W.W Mayo was removing a huge ovarian tumor-a daring operation at that time and the doctor assisting him with anesthetic fainted. W.W kicked a box towards the table and told his younger son Charlie,’You stand on this and give the anesthetic.’ Charlie was only ten.

Samuel F.B Morse(1791-1872)
Samuel F. B Morse, was an eminent painter before he became famous by inventing telegraphy. He once asked a physician friend to look at his painting of a man in death agony.
‘Well,’ Morse asked while the doctor critically went through every daub of color, ‘What is your opinion?’
‘Malaria.’ was the comment.


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