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On Progress

One man’s Gain Is…©
King Pepin of the kingdom of  Blissfully Ignorant  was going on a pilgrimage and he was disguised as a miller. Till the party reached Canterbury he was ridiculed and teased mercilessly because he could not move a single pace without breaking wind. When he reached The Red Lion the inn keeper came to meet the party and he ignored all except the miller.
‘Oh sire,’ he said bowing and scraping, “ the royal suite awaits your pleasure.” The pilgrims were astounded and they discreetly made enquiries and found their butt of jokes was none other than a king.
Next morning a varlet who, throughout the journey, had not spared the miller for a moment went up to him and kissed his feet. The king asked as if nothing had happened what was the matter. The silly fellow became bold at the thought he was not recognized. Thereafter he was ever after the king trying to make himself useful. Before the pilgrims returned to their homes the man begged him to take him in his service. “ I can serve you in any capacity, Master”.  The king politely refused him.
Because we are connected, one man’s gain somehow sets me back. For this very reason life can never run on the same plane. Advance of others contains subtle shifts in our lives. Either we lead or fall back.

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Aesop’s donkey had a tough day. Earlier in the day he upset some pots and pans in the market for which he was roundly abused by the shop owner. Then it was his master who called him stupid for losing the way. Later in the evening Aesop’s wife as she led him to the stable, was sore at the beast. The reason? He fouled up the corner where the oxen were to lie. The beast of burden knew his difficulties did not end there.
After supper he overheard his master chatting with some neighbors. One of them commented, ”The world is certainly out of joint. So topsy turvy,I say.” At this point the donkey brightened up to tell the rooster, ”I tell you, why I am singled out for blame!” and he added, ”It is the world at fault. I happen to fit the bill, that is all.”
Our concept of Self is always lopsided: we know what is wrong with our world. But do we see we are also partly to blame?. So we have someone always to blame for our troubles  without accepting our own share in it. If we complain of global warming is there any point in blaming the North or South. Is there? Aren’t we also part of the problem?

*Sign on a doormat: Please wipe your feet before you enter! Mind your carbon footprint.


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