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“…But made himself of no reputation, and took upon the form of …in the likeness of men…wherefore God also hath highly exalted him….(Phil.2:7-11)”

In Christian theology ‘kenosis’ describes the role Jesus took on in order to do the complete will of God. He took the form of a servant and not as God. He laid aside that aspect in order to do the Will of the Father completely. Thus it is his human side we need focus on in order to appreciate this emptying process. We might say ‘Less is More if I have God in heaven’ is the motto what every Christian ought to aspire for. For those who preach prosperity theology and live as a celeb it is certain they have reaped their reward already. We are Christians because we trusted he lived as Son of man that is a good example to live by. If Jesus chose to give shape the Will of his Father (Phili.2:7) and not his own  we can also make a go of it here on earth. We have the model in him and faith that we have him in heaven.

In making himself no reputation he had the Father witnessing him to the world that he was his beloved Son. He was from above that made angels also interested party to watch the outcome. We read of angels ministering unto Jesus after temptation(Mt.4: 11), and it rings true. In growing to maturity in Christian life we need remember that when we are unappreciated by the world we are growing closer to our Savior who went through this experience himself. Our trials of faith here and now are to show whether our faith be fine gold or fool’s gold.

Christ who once suffered for sins had a purpose: to bring us to God. Jesus says ‘Blessed are ye’, when your reward is denied to you. Mt.5:11.  If we are for a kingdom above and glory of commendation from the Father,  is it not useless to ask the keeper of worldly fame why no handclap from his claque?  The world receives its own. If we cannot be put to any inconvenience on account of being Christians we need check carefully if our faith be really set on the rails of salvation or not. The Bible is a route map that took our Lord to heaven.  We cannot reach there by half half from map that leads elsewhere. He was reviled in life and and also on the cross. He suffered it meekly. For he had made himself as nothing in order to retain God’s good testimony. We are on the earth and yet we have been translated for the heavens as he did. So we are biding our time here as pilgrims. Our conduct therefore calls for a life of separation, at least in mind. We are liberty to handle all things but all are neither convenient nor worth bothering about. Only make sure that we are clear in our conscience. In the epistle of St Peter we see how the world treats us has its corresponding response in heaven(1Pe.3:16)

Know what Jesus said to the Pharisees who wanted him to restrain his disciples? He said, “If these(multitude) should hold peace, the stones would immediately cry out (Lk.19:40).

Jesus set aside his own will. We read instances where God the Father sending help wherever was needed to help him keep his resolve (“The Father hath not left me alone (Jn.8:29) )”, Thus wherever we read of voice from heaven testifying ‘This is is my beloved son’ we can understand why. In the gravest crisis Jesus informs what he held at his disposal (Mt.26:53;Jn.19:11) God the Son but he stuck to his human aspect than escape the ignominious death of the cross. In him was fulfillment of the Will of the Father. He humbled himself or emptied himself thereby assuring salvation to whosoever believed in him….

(Reprinted from Guide to His Word)

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In our approach to the Scriptures it is of paramount importance that we focus on a few essential points. It is essential that we remember its source. It is from God to man.

1.)The Bible is Mind of God as expressed and the narrative as set down by prophets, apostles, give account, each after his fashion its operation and in fulfillment. From the first book to the Book of the Revelations we need to accept the element of time would have passed millennia but the human agency involved in collating the divine Thought in many genres,- Psalms, wisdom literature and prophetical writings took a fraction of the actual development. The crucial fact that for all that the Thought in its inception development and operation falling  under several time frames has an overall unity that cannot be refuted. To this I shall come back in the next post.

2.) When we study the divine Will in operation we are to infer the Thought has its (purpose) direction and also a mode.

‘For thus saith Jehovah that created the heavens, the God that formed the earth and made it, that established it and created it not a waste, that formed it to be inhabited:…(Is.45:18)ASV. Here we see purpose of God in creating the earth.

God is unchangeable and Truth:

His name is ‘I AM That I AM’ When he reveals to the patriarchs as Elohim, El Shaddai and later as JHWH it is with regards to impress on man which the God the Spirit found it necessary.

Jesus Christ as the Son of God is co-equal with God the Father. ‘I and Father are One’(Jn10:30). Father and Son relationship is in terms of substance and not of biological birth as we humans know of the term. Think of a thought is expressed and in clothing it is set in human speech . It is thus Will of God shapes the Word. Thus when God commands ‘Let there be Light’ the presence of Word is implied. It is what Saint John in his gospel states. ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God(Jn1:1).

The Bible is the Mind of God and when we read for example the death and resurrection of Jesus we need to understand the inference. Jesus the Son of man is indeed the Son of God who became the first born of all creation. God the Spirit set it n a mode so that Jesus Christ in whom the fulness of God dwells has opened a new way that anyone may access that divine Mind. ‘I am the Way and Truth.’ Holy Spirit has rendered the One Who dwells in inapproachable light  accessible to man. The office of God the Spirit puts the Perfection of God in concrete images.

In short the Scriptures  is intended to make us perfect((2Ti.3:16-17).


God is omnipotent and Omnipresent. But when God commands Light to shine out of darkness, we need to understand for what purpose He says if the concept of light and darkness is meaningless to him. It is what the Psalmist says, ‘…the darkness and light are both alike to Thee(Ps.139:11) KJV21.’ Jesus Christ is the Light of the world and the Holy Spirit from the first sets the Light as a sign with which the idea of children of light and of darkness will be developed ‘in the fullness of times’. If suffices to say, the creation account sets the Divine Thought in terms of God the Son and Holy Spirit clothes the Mind of the Invisible God in concrete images. As Paul would affirm Jesus Christ is the image of the Invisible God.

Creation Account is true which is stated from three standpoints of God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit. This being God’s version who but a fool would try to make it sound any other? Sin is in making your will and understanding above that of God. The Bible is from God to man. Amen


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If every life has its absolute position what of trees or grass? Do they have an absolute position? Let me explain with a story.
The mighty king who had lorded over a large part of Asia lay dying. At the height of his glory when he sat on his Judgment Seat all those who approached him knew they were before an all too powerful king. A nod from his head spelt death for any one. A smile of course made the supplicant think Fortune indeed smiled on him. Such a man when he lay dying called with a weak voice his chief counselor to his bedside. He whispered something to him who immediately sent his servant to fetch.
It was a piece of paper folded and secured with a ribbon.
The dying king carefully opened the paper and stared at it. Then with a smile he said, “I came across a rosebush in one of my hunting trips, some forty years ago. There was one perfect yellow rose and the sight of it still in bloom bespoke something very significant. Not a day have I passed without having thought of its beauty.”
The yellow rose was no longer yellow but was withered and ugly. “ As if he had read the thought of his servant the king explained:” I myself see this after so many years. Yet it still retains its freshness and mystery in my mind.” Yes the physical reality showed the yellow rose as withered and spoilt. Yet it lived in the mind of the mighty king as though it had never suffered the hurts of Time.
Every life form lowly or grand, crawling or flying, man or woman have an other-worldly existence to which we may collectively describe as an inner world. It is a spiritual existence on which Time holds no sway.
One might call it Mind of God, paradise or something else. Yet we are all freedmen in that kingdom.

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