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Harriet had worked hard to get the education, the skills and there was now the job if she could get past the interview. When she was called for one she was all excited. Her résumé was impressive and she had the right attitude that spoke volumes and she wondered if her peers had in them to see what an asset she was.

The local bank wanted to interview her. It was an institution that served the local community for long.   She thought a Bank that had stood for traditional banking needs of four generations of her family was good enough for her. She also was keen to be a part of it. This bank was looked upon in their region with affection and was called by young and the old as Grandma Fiduciary of Fair Lawns. But the grandma had decided to move with the times. The new management bought her lock, stock and barrel. She didn’t mind. She was all for change.

The hedge fund firm Fairfield Greenbottle Group assessing her strengths said, “You are a charmer. You can speak so sweet that even a skinflint will part with his money.”So she was taken on their payrolls and her task was to lie to investors. When she got a million in bonus at the end of the year she excitedly told the chairman Mr. Pupus Lupus, “ You do take care of your employees so well!” Then they handed her sheaves of papers and said,” here is a star who requires kid glove treatment.”
Later she went over the folder thoroughly. She asked her boss, “ I have a great foreboding about this fellow.” Her boss was aghast, and whispered, “ Bernard Madoff is a genius. You may call him a swindler but he can make our firm give millions in bonuses year after year. Only if you’re a team player. ” She was not still convinced, and did some soul-searching. She asked herself before  going to bed, “Grandma where is your ethics? Your responsibility for the community?” A question like that before going to bed will only make one sleepless. She wrestled with it whole night. Next morning she alerted SEC who came and rescued her before she could be lumped together with the rest .



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