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Bear and the Fox-the story
A bear having entered into monastic life spoke highly of his love for vow of silence. For days he spoke how he had loved a rowdy life and recited all his past escapades. “Now as I go through every little transgression I feel myself blessed. Wasn’t Holy Spirit behind me after all?” After having exhausted his understanding on the subject he ended saying, “Am I not fortunate?” Brother Fox who was subjected to the non-stop confidences of the bear finally blurted out, ”If only you had shown your gift for introspection before you took the vows, this monastic life might still yield some fruits for me.”


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Bapu’s Lament©

I lived a dream, and paid with lead shots
Fired from an assassin’s hand.
Never thought my life was precious
To be lived out in craven fear.
A nation yet to be born
Needs lives of men, paid
Freely and in blood; this price
I paid and deemed it not too dear.

My body is dead but where be my soul?
The assassins they all, to make it seem a foul thing!

I lived a dream, and fought for people
Long lived as slaves in torpor,
Unstirred by fine ideals of noble race
Who would rather break the fetters
And die than live a lie.
In my soul I saw their soul mirrored,
A dream it was to give the soul my all,-
Paid the price to be made as one.

My body is dead but where be my soul?
It’s dragged round and through dust uncared for.

I lived a dream, and home-spun spirit
Cared not for things that people
Buy and sell with an eye to profit;
In my soul I thought their spirit
Would follow and soar far above
To nobler realms of freedom,-
In thought and actions inspire,
Vivid and bold like the pole-star!

My body is dead but where be my soul?
It is safe now in the vaults of some Swiss Banks.


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