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If we are made of atoms that have inherent quirks and quiddities it must also show in some unmistakable manner when made as complex as human beings. What is the nature of atoms? You smash atoms into fundamental particles but you try dividing them further you get more of the same. Can it be a moral quotient to give us a place in the scheme of things? We are connected to all things at the level of atoms where quiddity of nature has written its moral imperative consistently throughout. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle where we must fit with all mankind. In terms of a physical dimension it may not be possible. Yet in terms of moral sense we are painted with the same brush. You destroy one area and you are breaking the moral order of universe in some manner of speaking. Its consequences, (I deliberately avoid the term ‘sin’ for its theological connotations) must leave its impact in some manner. For example, you exploit nations and the lawlessness of it, call it imperialism, leaves its mark on you. Africa was formerly the white man’s burden and Africa has still not recovered from it. While the west exploited the Arab merchants were carrying on slave trade in the heartland of the continent ,converting the natives and throwing down the genuine and natural form of their culture to suit their form of religious requirements. If Africa is reeling under the fresh onslaught of these Arab imperialism the west paved the way. Moral sense when outraged as Africa has experienced it must express itself in some manner. It may be that in not so distant future Arab fundamentalism will be pitted against the west from this part of the globe.


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The human body has about 1,000 kinds of receptors, structures on the surface of cells, which let the body respond to a wide variety of chemical signals, like adrenaline. Some receptors are in the nose, tongue and eyes, and let us sense smells, tastes and light.
“They work as a gateway to the cell,” Robert Lefkowitz told a news conference in Stockholm by phone. “As a result they are crucial … to regulate almost every known physiological process with humans.”
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said it was long a mystery how cells interact with their environment and adapt to new situations, such as when they react to adrenaline by increasing blood pressure and making the heart beat faster.
Scientists suspected that cell surfaces had some type of receptor for hormones.
Using radioactivity, Robert Lefkowitz managed to unveil receptors including the receptor for adrenaline, and started to understand how it works.
Brian Kobilka and his team realized that there is a whole family of receptors that look alike — a family that is now called G-protein-coupled receptors.
In 2011,Brian Kobilka achieved another breakthrough when his team captured an image of the receptor for adrenaline at the moment when it is activated by a hormone and sends a signal into the cell. The academy called the image “a molecular masterpiece.”
Mark Downs, chief executive of Britain’s Society of Biology, said the critical role receptors play is now taking for granted.
“This groundbreaking work spanning genetics and biochemistry has laid the basis for much of our understanding of modern pharmacology as well as how cells in different parts of living organisms can react differently to external stimulation, such as light and smell, or the internal systems which control our bodies such as hormones,” Downs said in a statement.(AP news of Oct,10,2012/Karl Ritter,Louise Nordstrom)
For scientists creating new drugs this breakthrough holds tremendous interest. For a moral philosopher it may be in the manner cells react to external stimulation. Think of each individual as a cell. Cannot individuals like cells react to moral imperatives of Truth which is in an abstract plane? Biological imperatives of reproduction,- propagation of one’s kind, has an abstract counterpart in love. Truth loves its own kind and would see it accepted as natural as one breathes the air or winds down after a day’s work.
Each chromosome has its genetic material and so has a moral being the requirements of truth.

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Evidence from recent brain-imaging experiments indicates that blind people’s brains harness the same visual cortex for getting their way around. Naturally question arises why use it if one is blind? “When blind people read Braille using touch, the sensory data is being sent to and processed in the visual cortex,” said Morton Heller, a psychologist who studies spatial cognition and blindness at Eastern Illinois University. “Using touch, they get a sense of space” — and the relative locations of the raised dots that from Braille letters — “that’s not visual, it’s just spatial.”
For blind people who are adept at echolocation, sound information routes through the visual cortex as well. Their brains use echoes to generate spatial maps, which are sometimes so detailed that they enable mountain biking, playing basket ball etc.,
Sighted people visualize the surrounding world by detecting borders between areas rich in different wavelengths of light, which we see as different colors. Gabias who is blind from birth builds pictures using his sense of touch, and by listening to the echoes of clicks of his tongue and taps of his cane as these sounds bounce off objects in his surroundings, a technique called echolocation.
“There’s plenty of imagery that goes on all the time in blind people,” he told Life’s Little Mysteries. “It just isn’t visual.”
Gabias is an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia who conducts research on perceptual and cognitive aspects of blindness. His personal and professional experience leads him to believe that the brains of blind people work around the lack of visual information, and find other ways to achieve the same, vitally important result: a detailed 3D map of space.
The brain region neuroscientists normally think of as the “visual” cortex, rather than being left to languish, plays a key role in the blind’s mental mapping process.
In sighted people, visual information first goes to the visual cortex, which is located in the occipital lobe at the back of the brain. From there, it goes to the parietal lobe, sometimes referred to as the “where system” because it generates awareness of a sensed object’s location. Next, the information is routed to the temporal lobe, also known as the “what system” because it identifies the object.(ack:LiveScience.com/Natalie Wolchover-Oct 3,’12)
Is this a compensatory mechanism by which the loss of sight in a person is given another option to be on spatial mode?
I remember the case of Louis Pasteur who lost power of speech after a stroke. He seems to have created new speech areas in his brain. I would think there is a compensatory mechanism in the universe that gives every life form and species ways to compensate their inadequacies. Call it Natural selection or evolutionary triggering mechanism.
Earlier the bottom line was that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Now we know energy is borrowed and through the entire universe there is a kind of barter system going on by which law of Negation and Law of Compensation work at tandem to give all life forms their comeuppance and rewards. We sense from our own situation what are the possibilities and if we work out our hunches lo and behold we find new grounds in spite of frustrating failures. Alfred Adler was the first to describe this. In Natural World also we see this. How dogs, eagles dolphins make sense of the world are different and if such variety has helped each species we may think such compensation is not isolated or rare.

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Among the floating clouds a Giant lived a life of ease and untouched by age or want. Though the many islands surrounding his domain melted regularly to form rain pelting the earth below he suffered no injury. He for all his largeness didn’t let any fleeting thought escape. Once he thought a profound thought ‘if I were large there must be those forms larger than me. Next he thought there must be on the reverse scale miniscule atoms as well.
Buoyed up by his new run of thoughts he said,’I would like to meet one.’ It was not out of vanity but to exchange some ideas he had lately dwelt upon.
Indeed eons later he came across one which said he was proceeding to look for the largest form he could possibly find.
‘ Do you have a form, if you please?’ the Atom asked.
‘Can you not see my form?’ the Giant was amazed.
The Atom with an apology asked if he could probe first if it were worth his while.’Afterall having to describe things by another medium is a dubious practice. I can only make sure by taking a leap into whatever.’ With these words he whirled through the Giant and coming other side he said,’I felt at home as I did every other form. It assured me immeasurably that any further probe was unnecessary and a waste of time.’
The Giant felt humble and he asked,’ Who or what are you?’
‘I am Truth.Wasn’t it obvious?’ The Giant shook his head.
The Giant asked,’Do you have parents?’
‘What for?’ the Atom almost wanted to say but he checked himself,’It will complicate matters. He shall only distract himself from understanding what I am or he is to me.’
Searching for truth is for many is a useful tool to distract themselves from knowing what they really ought to do something about. This we have so many religions ,and folderol, believers, that render them unable to profit from truth which is in the very warp and woof of their existence. Man who tries to bend another to his ‘belief’ insults truth that is in all.
According to Spinoza God is the Essence or causa sui and Nature are events in mode revealing truth about that Cause in many telling ways. Man who is sensitive to his place in the scheme of things shall lay emphases differently than where religion does. Religion is more concerned about its organizational health than moral health of the flock .Result of this is evident in our present times.

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‘Dust to dust and ashes to ashes’ in our common prayer book reiterates the Principle of self- similarity. Nature creates such myriad forms of life, and also gathers up as one substance in which matter is a shade of meaning of synergy.

Light can be both particle and wave. Material aspect of life has similar property where soul as well matter is subject to the imperative of Oneness. Synergy or oneness is the House Rule in the Golden Pagoda and as such all life forms come under the rule. Self-similarity draws it power from it.
A principle defined as the basis for any action and in the case of the Golden Pagoda its definition need to be seen as the ultimate basis.

In order to explain the Principle of Self-similarity the example of the Natilus shell will be useful. Nature lays out its biomechanical limits for life-forms as an engineer would calculate stresses and strength of individual structural members of a bridge or a building and also provide a margin of safety to accommodate most eventualities required.
The Nautilus is a cephalopod, a mollusk that pumps gas into its spiral chambered shell to adjust it buoyancy. The ratio is of each spirals diameter to the next smaller spiral. This ratio is called The Golden ratio, The Divine Proportion, It is equal to PHI = 1.618
Ability of the life forms to rely on basic rules of survival from the self same forces that make Nature creative means each is in conformity with the general principle of the Golden Pagoda. Can the creature tell the creating synergy that ‘I do not believe in whatever is directing your hand?’ Self-similarity is the efficient and aesthetically pleasing outcome of any matter in cosmos. The beauty of a snowflake is no less than the efficiency of a nautilus where both form and function are spliced together as one. In a multi-cellular organism say man sophistication of this self-similarity will naturally vary. Principle is the same. Moral sense of a man who adjusts his own conduct to benefit the maximum is similar to a lion hunting in pairs so their success of rate is higher. Altruism may be guided by selfishness but in furthering chances of others in the group the animals have drawn their lesson the principle of self-similarity.
Man who conforms to the norms of the society may be seeking safety but what value does he ascribe to his soul? He needs to get his act right don’t you think?

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Let me recall the analogy of three equilateral triangles used in a previous post. Synergy of wisdom and power animates life forms according to laws of Nature. When we discuss Oneness within this Pagoda it is synergy meant here. Synergy or Cosmic Mind can define forms as well as give the relationships between species and space, a certain unity.
There is no such thing as mind as brain as a part of physical body. Cosmic Mind has no need of form but can add to physical form a certain consciousness. One will notice within the Golden Pagoda, form and function are all endowed with a certain similarity that cannot be merely an accident.
Let me give an an example of our Milky Way. A nebulous gaseous cloud tends to form a spiral shape with arms. A double spiral in a DNA defines order: material nature expressed by a form as distinct from another.
When cream is poured into a stirred cup of coffee shows up a striking resemblance to galaxies with outer parts of arms trailing around its centre. Is it merely a coincidence or does it speak of an order?
Spiral is a common shape in nature. It occurs in a pine- cone, sunflower and in shells of marine organisms. For example: nautilus. Totally different spirals can be modeled mathematically: one feature whether enlarged or smaller doesn’t change the basic character of a spiral.
Coiled continually like a watch spring, a spring is as much a spiral as the threads of a screw that is a helix. In a helix there is a relationship between radius and pitch: you may shorten the pitch but radius is fixed. In a two-dimensional spiral distance between spirals is the same.
In a material universe material nature expresses Oneness in the way a form defines relationships. A spiral demonstrates it; so shall two hydrogen molecules with one molecule of oxygen. In such a relation the form collapses. Instead water is formed.
Cosmic Mind is to be understood as the all pervasive interplay of wisdom and power at any plane within this Pagoda.
In the system of three equilateral triangles one may consider creating frustums* anywhere, which would be dimensions that touch the three sides. (*The part of a solid, such as a cone or pyramid, between two parallel planes cutting the solid, especially the section between the base and a plane parallel to the base.)
Man can only make sense of four dimensions. Cannot the Cosmic Mind without a form so to speak create anywhere a frustum that may give man who sees in the Immensities the form he is comfortable with? If St. Paul is talking about being taken to the third heavens the form was set out by Cosmic Mind, which requires no form for itself. By the same token Prophet Ezekiel Muhammad or Moses might see the Highest each according to his mind’s bent and inclination.
The Mind that can deal Wisdom and Power to each life form does not ask account but in the way it shall affect its own progress it is predetermined.
Moral sense of the Mind is formless but every life form gives it a definite shape in the way it rewrites the entire cosmos in a new way.The signature of God or whatever name one may give it is in all and through all.

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 Astronomer Edwin Hubble demonstrated that all galaxies and distant astronomical objects were moving away from us, as predicted by a universal expansion. Using the redshift of their electromagnetic spectra to determine the distance and speed of remote objects in space, he showed that all objects are moving away from us, and that their speed is proportional to their distance.

Similarly how far each of us is far from the Truth absolute can be understood by scanning *Energy Profile of each. Like the red or blueshift our actions hold certain permanence in the Cosmos.

Permanence in this universe? One may ask. It all depends what you think of your soul. If my soul or essential Self is permanent my Energy profile also matters.

Nucleons have same mass as fermions and are two different states of the same particle. In similar fashion whether as spiritual being or as physical being each of us shall go on about the plane of soul till we are perfect. Pure energy as light in the Cosmos.

                  * I have already covered the topic of Energy profile. Any shift of truth of my actions from the absolute is set in space-time coordinates.


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