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Let us consider what is  Science. It is an enquiry into how our physical universe works. It includes the physical aspects of the inquirer vis-à-vis the universe without. Here Science must take the lead on facts that may come in the form of laws of nature. One such law states thus: energy can neither be created or destroyed. This leads us to think of every matter in a particular state handling energy. Change from one state to another is change in energy as well. Agitation of molecules causes heat and it is transferred. Water, ice and vapor are different states where energy necessarily forms a trade off. Energy like currency is transacted by matter.  Any life form handling energy at one level is purely explained by science and it is in terms of matter.
Matter has mass and it has specific relationship to energy as per Einstein’s famous equation. Energy as stated at the outset is cannot be destroyed or created. Man who professes any religion therefore is part and parcel of that constant represented by energy.

Now looking at religion we may conclude there is no religion separated from energy. This applies to the physical make up of one believer or a church.In a church several like-minded persons pool their energy for a purpose. This energy may be used for noble and ignoble purposes. What is religion but a moral centre upon which each believer makes his reality count?  I need not worry unduly if some TV preacher uses his reality to amass worldly riches and make the word of God to none effect. Do I compromise my moral being by having a part in his actions? Am I so indifferent to what I have understood as my right to a reality? Should I compromise my energy knowing the church is more a den of iniquity and waste my energy therein? Each of us as rational beings owes to give good account of the way we direct our lives.

If quantum mechanics gives an entirely different way matter behaves at minutest levels we may be sure Science is not everything open and shut. Neither would the  moral universe behave in the manner we rationally explain religion.

Spooky Science:

One of the strangest predictions of the theory of quantum mechanics is that particles can become “entangled” so that even after they are separated in space, when an action is performed on one particle, the other particle responds immediately. How shall we explain this in our moral universe?I shall come to it by and by.

In June 2009 scientists announced they had measured entanglement in a new kind of system – two separated pairs of vibrating particles. Previous experiments had entangled the internal properties of particles, such as spin states, but this was the first time scientists had entangled the particles’ pattern of motion, which is a system that resembles the larger, everyday world. Chain of events any of us sets off will create sympathetic wave of chains where both chain of events are separated in space. This action may have begun on bad motives and may at some point leave some good for some and create ill-will for many other. What I want to say is this: there is no need of a divine Being being present to give everyman his due good for good or vice versa. These chains of events shall keep history of  man  moving and it belongs to the moral universe. Where man acts merely to gain some immediate advantage over another but give advantage quite unexpectedly to some one else. Man who defrauds another will sooner or later is caught in a sticky mess from which he shall not escape so easily. These could go on and on.


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