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Nasruddin’s teacher taught his pupils to go with the flow. ‘Let sleeping dogs lie.’ But dogs were out to create a terrible row. One pupil was all for throwing stones at every one of them. ‘Oh now we shall have a bad consciousness of injuring them needlessly’.
‘Isn’t how we restore order?’ another pupil.
‘What use is to apply our rules to dogs,’ The teacher asked,’ without knowing the reason for their restlessness?’
I shall settle the matter,’ said Nasruddin.
He brought a sack full of bones from the shed and threw them onto the spot where dogs were causing a din.
The dogs immediately fell silent. Nasruddin explained, “Like cures like.” The teacher was perplexed. Nasruddin, “This sack has been lying idle for long. So let it cure dogs..’
Teacher scolded him, ‘How dare you say like cures like? A sack of bones is not same as sleeping dogs, ‘Your reasoning is preposterous.’
Nasruddin said, ‘We know these are not same. But the dogs do not.’
There was total silence and the boy added, ‘The dogs became altogether quiet. Judge my reasoning from the result.’
‘Boy what did you say your name was?’
Nasruddin, master.’
Teacher said,’ You should go to a religious school. You will do well there.’

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