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Pride wherever it may arise has its antecedent. Satan is accused of it. In the book of Isaiah we read thus:

“O Lucifer the son of the morning!…I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High…(Is.14:12-20) The fate of Satan is entwined with those fallen angels that left their first estate. In the short epistle of Jude we are forewarned the fate of those who do not earnestly contend for the faith that is delivered to us. What is it?

It is the word in which the glory of God is not expressed in a spirit of pride but in all humility. God the Son in becoming a man chose to minister those whom he would rather save than leave them to their ignorant ways. If his self-effacing life and death created a template it is our blueprint to be molded in selfsame manner. In the things we would not be saddled with we are correspondingly made stronger. A man who has learned to live on little so he might be free to study the word of God (rather than scatter his time in frivolous things) has the best chance to be built up.

Those who set out to build the tower wanted to make a name for themselves. What honor is when a frog in the well call himself a stable genius? The drought and cataclysmic changes in heavens may even make the well he sits on a cesspool? This is what pride of man who desires honor that alone comes from God. God made the name of Jesus above every other name in heaven or the earth. The quintessence of the Son of man is humility and not pride.

Thy  Word forever settled in the heaven (Ps.119:89) is the Constitution of God. It applies to His demesne. The heaven is his throne and the earth is foot stool. Wherever God passed judgment it has been to purge the earth of offense lest it should spread like cancer does. Early prognosis and treatment offers a chance for recovery. Similarly wherever God judges and in this case destruction of the old world it was never the last word. The world Noah inherited shall bring up those who fashioned their pride to defy God.

Before we consider the folly of the Tower of Babel  let us understand the significance of the Word in terms of man. God does not consider man as some unit or number. He is in a context. It was thus Adam and Eve; God let Adam name all the creatures and what is the Spirit telling us? Is it not his authority or responsibility over them? We saw failure of Adam to obey the commandment of God put the childbearing capacity of woman ever since to risk and undue pain and even death from complications at childbirth. Principle of Association exists between God the Father and God the Son. A similar association which has to do with man’s future as far as his creature comforts and physical well-being go depends on his relation ship with God. The Word is the witness over this bond.

“And the whole earth was of one language, and was of one speech.(Ge.11:1).”  Had those who set out to build the Tower known the sovereignty of God their language would not have presented a problem. Their pride came in between.  Folly of the Tower of Babel is of man who relies on his own wisdom. the same we saw with the  Manhattan Project in the 40s. Sovereignty of God determines our course of action and obedience due to Him guarantees victory.




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This sketch is among three which I did today. Here is Virgin Mary in the house of Elizabeth who having received her cousin is back to her chores. Here she is watching while her help does the washing. You can see the courtyard and service yard.

Mary cries “Holy is his Name”  It is part of Bible Truths in pictures

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Much pity, you have cast your 

Name for the hollow prattle

Of some foul fiend who showed

You his world to come,

And pressed the lead hot shot

To fashion as you will.

Without a Name wander you will-

Never know the wind, nor music

Of the Spheres from which

You ignoble beggar, without a name 

Shall forever wander.

For when soul was your own name

You chose some fiend for your sage

That made nit-picking of Word

his empire-building.  

If you should come across nameless fears

these are ever your pickings 

Gone is your aim; so has your ease-

Nothing remains but darkness surround:

Consider you earned your wages

And also the empire of darkness

That now surrounds you.


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Not so long ago there lived in Green Acres a toad who thought very highly of himself. He was yellow in colour. As yellow as a buttercup in full bloom. Among so many toads clad in drab colors his yellow always stood out. Besides he had his warts all in right places and these added to his personality greatly.( He was proud of the third wart away from his right shoulder.) He, in short made a splash wherever he went. Having born with a feeling he was quite a class apart he set out to prove himself. “None is clever as I am!” he exclaimed assuredly one morning. He looked about and saw to his delight he stood right in front of the most exclusive club in town. ‘Why didn’t I think of this before?’ he asked himself. The Club For Exceptional Toads admitted only those toads who had exceptional qualities. Our hero saw the imposing building. Everything about it had something special. He hopped along the broad steps and passed through ornate front door into the office. He preened himself before he announced thus, ”You must be pleased to know I am here (ahem) for membership. Highly gifted, I dare say, I am.” The secretary with his green skin flecked with brown spots averted his eyes as he took out the club register. His face showed that he acknowledged quality the moment he saw it. The caller casually dropped he would have joined earlier had he time to stop counting his many-sided talents. “Everyday I stand astonished at myself!” said he in a whisper. It was a whisper alright but those toads in the back-room looked askance at one another and fled. The common toad knew the toad standing before him needed an answer. “Don’t I look exceptional?”the caller asked. The toad clutching at that Club register dared not express an opinion. Having opened at a fresh page he looked up and asked his name. It was the turn of the toad as yellow as a pat of butter to turn purple. He felt embarrassed and the third wart away from his right shoulder showed it. He blurted out that he had no name. “You see my parents died in rather unfortunate circumstances before they could choose one.” The secretary pointed to the rules of admittance and said it was indeed unfortunate. “The door shall remain shut on any one who has no name to speak of. That is the rule.” He mechanically repeated the same. Having done so he waited for the toad to leave. The toad remonstrated that the rule he quoted was for those who had nothing else than being exceptional.” Whereas I am much more.” He went on to demonstrate his point. “I can do hundred things at a time.” said he at the end. It was a performance worthy of a toad as accomplished as he. “Well, you are a paradigm of talent. Exceptional. One in a trillion. But rules are rules.” Said the secretary. He had now at hand the difficult task of turning down one so exceptional as he. He said finally,”Get a name and come again. Good day!” The yellow toad left. He was mortified at his lapse. Forgetting such a simple matter as a name did no credit, so he thought. ‘Not my parents but myself is to blame.’ He vowed to correct the matter without any delay. So he went far and wide in search of a name. One day he found himself in a forest which he thought was very peculiar. Every sapling had a pot to itself and a name pasted on its sides. Also its scientific name. He never realized trees carried their names or began their lives in pots. ”Most peculiar,” he wondered. His travels showed he still had a long way to go. There were gaps in his knowledge, a painful realization that was as bad as not having a name. Later in the night he found himself among other travelers as he, around a camp fire; and when his turn came he narrated his curious experience he had earlier in the day. Others were intrigued. They asked for particulars and he said he would take them to the forest himself. Next morning he did as he promised. To his surprise they broke out into a titter that soon escalated into the gale force of laughter. Some were doubled up with laughter while a few rolled on the ground unable to contain themselves. Some slapped each other in thundering hilarity. One said at the end, ”It is no forest! It is a nursery. OOOH!” The yellow toad would have lost his temper but he realized they were right. At least he learnt something new. Learning by such methods, of being taken for a fool however for an hour or two, was not pleasant. He said to himself,”These wiseacres who laugh me down shall soon leave. No more foolish than they came in. But I leave this place wiser!” While he groaned he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and saw another yellow toad, as yellow as he, looking at him curiously. “Will you walk with me?” He instantly felt sympathy in her voice. She was rather pleasant chatting of this and that. While trying to keep track of her conversation he forgot his earlier humiliation. On the other hand he felt a new lease of life. He did not know what it was but she made him new. All new and complete! As they reached a rain forest she said,”I have a confession to make!”He was not sure if he were keen to hear one. Since her company did a world of good he could not refuse her. So he waited. She said,”I have no name. My parents were washed away in a flashflood before they could give me one.” He almost jumped out of his skin! He was so astounded at the coincidence. Later in the day they were chatting before supper. A plump grasshopper made a leap from among the grass, which did not go unnoticed. Both toads shot their tongues out. At the same time. “Half-Half!” he said. “Half-Half!” she said. He had the grasshopper in his grip and asked how she liked to have her supper done. “Braised with a touch of honey.” She replied. He cooked the meal exactly the way she wanted it and gallantly offered the whole. She offered him his share but he refused it. Having quickly found another, he ate his meal in perfect enjoyment of her company. She also was delighted. “I found my name!” she exclaimed after clearing the plates.”Half-Half,”said she. “I also found mine!”he said in his turn, “Half-Half!” “Half-Half!” They said in unison. They were deliciously happy.


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